18 Games to Play At Work With Coworkers (2023)

You found our list of games to play at work with coworkers.

Games to play at work are activities that bring your coworkers together to have fun and bond. Examples include egg drop, guess the baby, circles and shapes, and the story game. The purpose of these games is to boost employee morale, foster camaraderie, and help workers have fun outside of work.

This article is similar to fun office games to play at work, competitive team games, team challenges, office challenges, and team building exercises. These ideas are methods of improving cooperation in the workplace.

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List of games to play at work with coworkers

Any group of coworkers, new or old, may benefit from playing these games as icebreaker activities. Likewise, your staff will enjoy these activities and leave feeling like they know each other better.

1. Heads Up

Heads Up is a game popularized by Ellen DeGeneres. While Heads Up started as a party game, it works just as well when played between coworkers. First, you put the phone to your head, and a word pops up. Then, your coworkers start excitedly pointing, singing, and using goofy accents to convey the word showing on your head, which could be the name of celebrities or animals.

Get Heads Up.

2. Guess the Baby

If you are considering games to play with colleagues at work, then Guess the Baby is a great choice. Each participant will provide a photo of themselves as a baby. Then, employees view the pictures and try to match the infant image with the correct coworker. This game is great since it facilitates lighthearted, pleasant talk between coworkers and allows them to discover fascinating information about their childhoods.

3. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is one of the games to play at work with coworkers online. We have seen some wild collaborative games on mobile apps, but Spaceteam takes the cake. Spaceteam is the perfect game if you like yelling at your coworkers while collaborating for survival.

In a Spaceteam game, players shout bizarre commands like “honk the Space Horn” and “set the Chemical Quartz to 2.” Then, once in a while, players will abruptly tilt or shake their phones at the same moment. The goal is to cooperate to prevent imminent death.

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The game’s aim is to keep your spacecraft operational, yet each of you has command over a particular section of the ship. Even more confusingly, instructions for modifying settings and hitting buttons suddenly appear on random players’ phones, with no clear indication of who is in charge. Players can only hope that the remainder of the gang hears them shouting this warning and avoids a catastrophic collision by doing so themselves.

The stakes may be high, but the payoff is worthwhile if you and your coworkers learn to communicate effectively under a time constraint and get a deeper mutual understanding of one another.

Check out Spaceteam.


Two teams compete against one another in an easy-to-understand yet challenging game. Each group has one blindfolded member. The unmasked team member must follow the group’s directions to locate and gather items from the field. Effective communication and mutual trust are essential to winning.

How to play:

  1. First, prepare a play space by placing various items around it, such as water bottles, shoes, and books. The items must be distinct enough so players can tell them apart only by touching them.
  2. Then, put a big basket in the middle of the court.
  3. Afterward, sort the team into two groups and put in at least twice as many props as there are players per team.
  4. Next, the teams will group up at opposing ends of the playing area.
  5. Each team volunteer will wear a blindfold, and their group will announce an item randomly from the play.

The blindfolded volunteers have two to three minutes to collect their team’s items and place them in a central basket. Since the player cannot see or ask questions, they must depend only on the guidance of their comrades. No one on your team can call the item by name. Instead, the team must specify the object’s size, shape, and function, then show the volunteer how to insert the item into the basket. The winning team is the one that puts most things into the basket first.

Given the importance of following verbal directions, this game fosters communication skills. Leadership and decision-making skills are also required, as teams must select who will take the initiative to volunteer and provide guidance.

Check out more communication games.

5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a party game that encourages players to pry into one other’s pasts and works well as a drinking game or icebreaker. The game gets quite crazy, and the subject matter is occasionally questionable. Hence, it would be best if you established some ground rules first. However, this activity is also a terrific way for new coworkers to break the ice and get to know one another.

The most common form of the game involves putting up ten fingers and lowering one for each action you have committed. However, you can also introduce an element of movement into the game. The first player to speak must name an activity they have never participated in before. For instance, “never have I ever gone hiking.” Then, the rest of the group will split into two sides of the playing space, one for “have” and one for “have not.”

(Video) Best Indoor Funny Game Play enjoy at Office work Activities for employees

Never Have I Ever is a terrific addition to this collection of office games since it allows you to learn exciting facts about your coworkers fast and easily.

Here is a list of clean Never Have I Ever prompts for work.

6. Blind Artist

Blind Artist is a fantastic game for fostering open lines of communication within a group. The game has several variations, but dividing your teams into pairs is the best option.

Every pair has a seat backing each other. Next, you will put a photograph in front of one individual and a pen and paper in front of the other. Then, have the individual with the image communicate what they see to their partner, who must try to sketch an accurate representation of what they heard.

In most cases, the images are a far cry from their intended appearance. However, there are a few scenarios that you may not have expected. Furthermore, your team members will get experience in improving their social and communication skills regardless of the outcome.

7. The Story Game

To play The Story Game, employees sit in a circle with blank paper and a pen or pencil. Then, each participant comes up with the opening line of a story. As soon as every participant in the circle has a sentence written, they should transfer their papers to the person on their right so that they may continue the story. Next, continue adding sentences as you pass the papers around the group until every player has their original paper back. Participants can then read the results out loud.

8. Paper Plane Race

To prepare for the Paper Plane Race, tell every participant to scrounge together everything they need from their desks to make a paper aircraft. Participants will fold any paper, such as printer paper or notebook paper, into a paper airplane. Once every participant has made a jet, they compete to see who can go the furthest by throwing their planes and recording the distance they landed. Players whose paper aircraft fly the furthest should get a reward after the game.

9. Circles and Shapes

To play “Circles and Shapes,” you will need at least four coworkers and a long string. You will make a massive circle by tying the ends of the strings together and having all players stand within it. The players will pick up the string and try to make various forms with it, including a square, an infinity sign, or a triangle. Employees must then reposition themselves while still hanging onto the string to manipulate it into the desired shape. You may increase the game’s difficulty by blindfolding the players or limiting their ability to communicate to specific players.

10. Guess My Name

This game is common, and the more participants, the better. Guess My Name involves assigning each participant the name of a famous person, living or dead, and having them wear the name somewhere visible to the other participants, like their backs or heads. Index cards or post-it notes might work well for this exercise.

After every group member has a name, the participants mix and mingle, treating their colleagues as they would treat the person whose name is on their card. Players can also ask different questions until they figure out their secret identity.

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Guess My Name has little strategic depth or competitive potential. Instead, the game is a simple exercise in empathy, a necessary component of any thriving workplace culture, that gives employees a taste of what it is like to get someone else’s treatment for a particular day.

11. Steal a Glimpse

Steal a Glimpse is what happens when you combine Pictionary with a memory game. The players divide into groups of at least four and take turns replicating an item from memory. An employee acting as the game’s leader will design an object or structure out of construction materials like LEGOs, clay, and building blocks. Then, one team member will get ten seconds to “steal a glimpse” of the now-hidden structure and report back to their respective teams with as much detail as possible to replicate the design.

Whether it be LEGOs, clay, or other construction materials, every group has the resources they need to create. If the replica is not finished after one minute, another player from each group takes a quick glimpse at the item the game leader is guarding for ten seconds before returning with more instructions.

This process continues until one team is satisfied that they have successfully replicated the item. This exercise aims to see which group can recreate the item first. This game gives team members experience in project management and demonstrates how to complete tasks using information from various sources. The game is a great approach to test your team’s knowledge and discover who can remember the most information.

12. Two Truths and A Lie

This activity is a great way to get to know your new employees and is reminiscent of a popular game played at home parties. It is easy to play Two Truths and a Lie. You can start by gathering participants in a circle and offering them a chance to introduce themselves. However, aside from their names, every team member also provides three facts about themselves, where only one is false. The remainder of the group will determine which statement is make-believe.

This game has two distinct benefits. First, the game challenges you to think outside the box when selecting your statement, and second, it allows you to learn more about your coworkers.

13. The “Suddenly” Tale

Anyone who has ever told a tale around a campfire has probably done their version of The “Suddenly” Story. You can think of this exercise as a team-building version of a pick-your-own-adventure novel. In contrast, you add different scenarios. Besides telling the story, the tale comes together from your colleagues’ creative and humorous imaginations. This activity is one of the games to play with coworkers on teams.

You may tell the “Suddenly” Tale by sitting in a circle with your team and taking turns sharing the first three lines of a story on any subject. After saying three sentences, say “Suddenly…” and the colleague sitting next to you will continue from where you stopped.

The player will add another three before saying, “Suddenly…” The plot can change direction whenever the word “suddenly” is used. It is the responsibility of the next participant in line to decide how that story plays out. Teams can use the “Suddenly” Tale to think of methods to expand upon already established material and come up with fresh ideas as fast as possible. The event is an excellent way to get a good chuckle out of your team during your next work social event.

14. Concentration

This activity offers a modern take on the classic game show from the ’60s. In the original version of the game, titled “Concentration,” there is a board with 30 numbered tiles, and each tile had a matching tile on another part of the board. The tiles match and have similar prizes at their backs.

(Video) Team Building Activities for Employees "Guide The Blind"

As the game progresses and players reveal more tiles, players may choose tiles they were certain would pair up and earn the corresponding reward. Companies, particularly their marketing teams, may have a blast by printing their logos, slogans, and business names on the back of their own tiles and challenging participants to find all of the matching pieces.

You can use this game to test employees’ familiarity with the firm by listing goods, workers, and positions on the back of the tile. Concentration is one of the board games to play at work with coworkers.

15. Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle by yourself might be a time-consuming task. However, if you are deliberating on team social events for work, you can have your colleagues work on a jigsaw puzzle as a fun problem-solving event. Dividing the workforce into teams for a series of puzzles is a certain way to get the workplace buzzing with excitement and an actual test of collaboration. This puzzle race is one of the games to play at lunch with coworkers.

To spice up your weekend, get a few sets of identical puzzles and race to see which group can finish theirs first. You should ensure that each group has an equal number of players and choose an appropriate puzzle size based on the team’s size.

16. The Egg Drop

In the Egg Drop Challenge, groups work together to build a contraption to shield an uncooked egg from the impact of a high drop onto hard ground. Each team gets only the materials needed to create the egg incubator. For the Egg Drop Challenge, the regular items to consider include straws, newspaper, tape, and cardboard. You may, however, try upping the difficulty by letting your employees utilize whatever they can get their hands on in the workplace.

You get to set the free fall’s maximum height. However, ensure the height is reasonable given the resources at each team’s disposal.

17. Catch Phrase

Team members take turns explaining words or phrases to one another without actually using the words or phrases themselves in this popular party game. Words might refer to well-known people or phrases, or they can refer to commonplace items about the home.

For instance, if the catchphrase is “needle,” the player may give the team a hint like “a pointed item used in sewing.” Playing Catch Phrase may help your staff bond and learn to communicate more effectively with one another. You can play by using the game cards or writing several phrases or words on paper slips.


Playing some lighthearted workplace games together may be a great way to boost morale and encourage employee communication. Great teams are the bedrock upon which a thriving corporate culture is buildable. However, a team’s performance can only reach its full potential if its members share a remarkable level of trust and camaraderie.

However, such connections are less likely to form naturally and without any preceding team engagement activities and some fun. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it may be challenging for new and existing team members to integrate successfully. Playing fun games with coworkers is a great way to break the ice and get to know one another.

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