All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (2023)

After years of struggling with Minecraft mods and requesting the developers, we finally have an official way to customize armor in Minecraft. There are over 100 designs and almost limitless combinations for you to choose from. But all of it comes down to the newly introduced Armor Trim Smithing Templates in Minecraft 1.20. This new item holds all the armor customization power in itself. Though, obtaining one isn’t as simple as you might imagine. So, let’s figure out how to find armor trims in Minecraft in no time! We have discussed the location of all Armor trims in Minecraft in this article.

Minecraft Armor Trims Locations (2023)

Note: At the moment, Armor Trim Smithing Templates are only a part of Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23W04A. They are subject to functional and cosmetic changes until the final release.

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What is An Armor Trim in Minecraft

Armor Trims are a type of Smithing Templates, which are part of the new features coming to the game with the Minecraft 1.20 update. They allow players to decorate their armor with various colorful patterns. There are 11 types of armor trims in the game that you can use with 10 color options. The changes these templates make to your armor are only cosmetic and don’t improve its strength in any practical way. Still, they are one of the most requested customization features to make it into the game in recent years. So, let’s figure out how to find and use them.

Location of Armor Trims in Minecraft

Sentry Armor TrimPillager Outpost
Dune Armor TrimDesert Pyramid
Coast Armor TrimShipwreck
Wild Armor TrimJungle Temple
Tide Armor TrimOcean Monument
Ward Armor TrimAncient City
Vex Armor TrimWoodland Mansion
Rib Armor TrimNether Fortress
Snout Armor TrimBastion Remnant
Eye Armor TrimStronghold
Spire Armor TrimEnd City

Finding most Armor trims comes down to exploring their dedicated structures and looting the chests in them. But some of them are rarer than others and one even requires you to kill a powerful mob. So, let’s go over each armor trim location to figure out how to properly obtain all of them.

Sentry Armor Trim

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To find the Sentry Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20, you have to loot the chest located at the top of Pillager Outposts in the overworld dimensions. It only adds simple stripes to your armor. The chest plate remains mostly unchanged. Though the stripes on top of your helmet do slightly resemble the eyes and nose of various in-game mobs.

Not to forget, Sentry Armor Trim is arguably the easiest to get as compared to the other Smithing Templates.

Dune Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (2)

The location of the Dune Armor Trim is the chests of the hidden underground room of Minecraft Desert Temples. If you are not careful enough, you might have to dodge TNT while collecting them. However, since the temple has 4 chests, you can get multiple templates in one go.

Talking about the design, this trim creates inverse patterns similar to the ones on the exterior of the temple structure.

Coast Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (3)

Coast Armor Trims spawn inside the chest of shipwrecks in the overworld, which are not that hard to find. Unfortunately, the problem with shipwrecks is that you get anywhere between 0 to 3 chests in each of them. As you might expect, the higher the number of chests, the rarer is shipwreck’s spawning. Moreover, as per our testing, all three chests have similar chances of spawning the armor trim. So, you might have to grind extra hard before encountering the right shipwreck.

Though, looking at the design, this armor trim is worth more than the effort to find it. You get a sleek strip design throughout the armor with a downward curve in the middle of every other stripe.

Wild Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (4)

Hidden behind boobie traps and darkness, Wild Armor Trim spawns inside the chests of Jungle Temples in the overworld dimension of Minecraft. It adds a crystal-shaped icon to your chest and back with strips coming out of it.

Tide Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (5)

Tide Armor Trim is the only Smithing Armor Template that doesn’t spawn inside a chest in Minecraft. Instead, you have to find and kill an Elder Guardian mob to make them drop it, which happens half of the time. Moreover, since this mob exclusively spawns inside the rare and dangerous Ocean Monument structure in Minecraft, you have to be prepared while hunting from this armor trim.

As for the pattern, you get an expressive design with a face-like helmet, two lines joining into an emblem in the chest plate, and a joint curve in the leggings. The emblem design also shows up on the back of your helmet.

Ward Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (6)

As the name suggests, the location of the Ward Armor Trim is the chests at the home of the Warden, the Ancient City. This makes it one of the riskiest Smithing Templates to get. Though, thanks to the huge amount of chests in the structure, you can expect to get a bunch of them in no time.

Vex Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (7)

Vex Armor Trim spawns inside the chests of Woodland Mansion, which are home to various Pillagers and one of the largest structures in the overworld of Minecraft. However, keep in mind that this structure is extremely rare so make sure to check every single chest to find all Vex Armor Trims in Minecraft.

As for the design, you get Vex-like eyelashes on top of helmets and a long horizontal line on the chest plate, which is identical to the Evoker’s rob.

Rib Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (8)

To get the Rib Armor Trim you have to make a Nether portal in Minecraft and travel to the Nether dimension. There, you need to explore the halls of Nether Fortress to find the chest with a Smithing Template.

While relatively calm, this structure is home to Wither Skeletons, who are also the inspiration for this trim. Once used, you get skeleton-like ribs throughout the armor in a wrapped form. This design is unique in comparison of other armor trims.

Snout Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (9)

If the term “snout” reminds you of pigs and their noses, then you can already guess where to find this armor trim. It spawns in the house of Piglins – the Bastion Remnant in various chests across the structure. Staying true to its name, you get a template with two nostrils on top of it.

However, the design of the trim doesn’t reflect a pig head. Instead, you get a clean pattern with a small box in the middle with a straight line on its top and a curved one beneath it.

Eye Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (10)

With an Eye of Ender shape on the chest plate, eyebrows on the helmet, and cool geometric patterns on the rest of the Armor, the Eye Armor Trim is one of the most well-designed smithing templates. You can find it within the chests of the Stronghold in the overworld dimension. This turns it into a late-game item, though, you might get it earlier by exploring some of the best speedrun seeds of Minecraft .

Spire Armor Trim

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (11)

My personal favorite and the true end-game template is the Sprie Armor Trim, which spawns inside the End Cities of Minecraft. It adds a clean stripe on your helmet while giving a checkered pattern to your feet and arms. Meanwhile, your chest plate gets a curved line, the reflection of which appears in your leggings.

How to Use Armor Trims in Smithing Table

All Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft: Where to Find Them? (12)

Now that you know how to find the armor trims, let’s figure out how to use them. To use an Armor Trim Smithing Template, you have to combine it with your piece of armor and a coloring mineral in the Smithing Table. Each of these items have a dedicated slot on the table and the process doesn’t cost the player anything. Though, you can’t use the armor trims with leather armor, which can be colored using dye in Minecraft.

In case you are wondering, when it comes to armor colors, you can choose from the following options:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Lapis
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Netherite
  • Redstone
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz

Each material applies its color to the trimmed parts of the armor. Though, the core material of the armor can’t be used to color it. For example, you can’t use gold to trim a gold helmet. Moreover, once armor is trimmed there is no way to change its design or color.

Find and Use Armor Trims in Minecraft

Just like that, you are now ready to start venturing into the world of Minecraft to collect armor trims and develop a truly unique look. While you are at it, don’t forget to try out some of the best Minecraft skins as well. If none of the options in our list suit you, you can also make your own Minecraft skin as well. Though, the in-game armors are now more than ready to take care of your customization demands. Having said that, is there any particular trim that you like? Or are you planning to collect them all? Tell us in the comments below!

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