Bluetooth Not Connecting Automatically (2023)

Car: Tesla 2021 Model 3 RWD
Phone: iPhone 12 Pro

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I feel like I've seen this a few places, so about 6 months ago the problem started -- every now and then when I entered my Model 3 it would have trouble connecting automatically, but no problem whatsoever when I went to the "Connect Phone" button on my Tesla to manually connect it myself. This problem started increasing in frequency to the point where just simply opening the car door would lead to my phone getting disconnected and then me needing to manually connect it via the "connect phone" button again. I'd say now it's at the point where it's around 75% of the time where I enter the car that I need to manually connect it.

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I have also made sure that it's not simply a matter of taking a bit longer to connect by driving for 15+ minutes, and it still never connects. I have also restarted both my phone and the Tesla on multiple occasions with no changes. I've also re-done the Bluetooth connection with my phone (by forgetting the device and then re-connecting), still not fixed. I should also note that I am hyper vigilant with updates for my car, phone, and Tesla app.

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So after dealing with this problem for months and it continuing to get worse, I finally set up a service appointment with Tesla on the app for Friday, and yesterday I got this text message from them:
"It seems like this is an updated change we introduced in firmware version 2020.8.

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“Bluetooth now connects to your paired phone only after you are sitting in the driver’s seat and all doors are closed”.

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Other than that, the Bluetooth system seems healthy." Then they said they were going to cancel the service appointment as a result.

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I'm confused by why they sent that message to me, since the update they were referring to came before I even received my car (in December 2020), so I don't see how that problem could be correlated whatsoever. Curious if anyone else here has had the same problem, and figured out a solution. Thanks!

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