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Yuliia Zablotska

Author at ApiX-Drive

Reading time: ~11 min

The Slack corporate messenger is one of the most convenient ways to communicate internally with colleagues and management. It is especially in demand in teams that have switched to a remote format of cooperation. This service will also be helpful for office workers: it is convenient when all working moments are discussed in one program and there is no need to switch between different instant messengers to communicate with specialists from different departments.


1. Advantages of Slack for Teamwork

(Video) 3 tips to save time (and boost productivity!) with Slack

2. How to Become More Efficient with Slack

3. Tip #1: Use Slackbot

5. Tip #3: Pin Important Messages and Links

6. Tip #4: Track Notifications by Keywords

7. Tip #5: Everything Important – in the Center

8. Tip #6: Receive Calls in One Click

9. Tip #7: Take Advantage of AI

10. Bonus

11. Summing up


While Slack is the real key to productivity, it can also be detrimental to productivity. The constant distraction of texting and viewing hundreds of notifications knocks you out of your working rhythm and creates a negative experience, prompting you to abandon this online platform altogether. In this article, you'll learn how to use Slack to increase both personal and team productivity. The tips that we have prepared for you will help you become more efficient, as well as improve communication and work processes in the team.

Advantages of Slack for Teamwork

Slack is one of the most sought after platforms for internal communication between employees and managers. Using this corporate messenger in a team is much more convenient than using separate groups or chats in Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Skype, since its functionality, unlike them, is much wider. It not only simplifies communication, but also integrates with services such as Google (Drive, Hangouts, Docs), DropBox, and GitHub.

(Video) 4 Tips to Boost Productivity with Slack | Salesforce on Salesforce

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (3)

In fact, this is a real virtual office. In addition to sending private messages, here you can create thematic channels and quickly switch between them. It supports convenient search, cloud storage, and also provides an assistant bot. Flexible settings for messages and notifications deserve special attention. After spending quite a bit of time on them, you can turn this messenger into your best assistant.

Among the main advantages of Slack for teamwork are:

  • The possibility of simultaneous communication with several employees within a single interface.
  • Unloading messengers used for personal correspondence.
  • Discussion of working moments and decision-making within a small group of colleagues (3-10 people).
  • The ability to ask a question on a specialized channel if you do not know who exactly can help you.
  • Convenience of transferring files and links, ease of their search. It takes just a couple of clicks to find the right material that you sent to someone here.
  • Putting order in communication through the thematic organization of channels. For example, you can create a separate #announcements channel for announcements, and #companyupdates for updates.
  • Integration with dozens of useful and commonly used online services: from email to various organizers, bots, and cloud storage. For example, Karmabot is useful for distributing bonuses and rewards to employees, and Geekbot is useful for automating repetitive tasks.
  • Setting reminders. Thanks to this feature, you will not lose anything important in a long correspondence and will definitely not miss the deadlines for the project.

How to Become More Efficient with Slack

As you already understand, Slack is not just a tool for correspondence, but a whole platform for the flexible organization of team work. By using it only for communication, you seriously limit your productivity.

To get the most out of this service, take the time to learn its functionality. If you've never experienced it before, start with the basics. If you are already familiar with this messenger, the tips we have prepared for you will help you increase your efficiency and achieve more.

Tip #1: Use Slackbot

The Slackbot Assistant is one of the proven ways to increase both personal and team efficiency on Slack. This helpful bot will not only answer your questions about the service, but also help you with setting reminders. You can also turn to it to automate routine tasks to save time.

To set a reminder, simply send yourself a private message. Click on your name in the menu and enter the following text in the message field: /remind @yourname for [action] at [date and time].

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (4)

Click on the submit button and get confirmation from Slackbot.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (5)

But what if you need to make reminders not only to yourself, but also to others? Slackbot will help solve this problem. It allows you to set alerts for the entire team at once, for several selected team members, and even for each of them individually.

Slackbot functionality is not limited to reminders. If necessary, it can also become your personal assistant, answering questions from colleagues instead of you and thus saving you valuable time. Create a database of the most common and frequently asked questions, write comprehensive answers to them, and enter all this into the Slackbot settings. When an employee writes a question that is in the database, the bot will automatically send the answer you programmed. If you are tired of constantly wasting time answering a lot of the same questions (for example, “What is the password for Wi-Fi?” or “When are we going to the planning meeting?”), be sure to take advantage of this feature.

How to program the Slackbot assistant:

Click on the name of your workspace and enter the "Settings and administration" menu.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (6)

From there, navigate to the "Customize [workspace name]" category.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (7)

Click the Slackbot tab. Now click the "Add new response" button and add questions with ready-made answers to the appropriate fields.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (8)

If you are not the administrator of your workspace, you will not be able to do all this on your own. In this case, ask the administrator to enable this useful feature and discuss the base of questions and answers with which the bot can be programmed.

Tip #2: Set Notifications to "Stop"

One of the purposes of using Slack is to increase communication productivity. Some are so zealous in this regard that they get the opposite effect and are disappointed in the service. Minute-by-minute notifications and alerts are distracting, disruptive, stressful, and damaging to the workflow. These problems and reduced productivity are most often the result of a misunderstanding of Slack's core purpose. This messenger is recommended to be used for asynchronous communication, and not for non-stop communication, in which the user drops everything and writes replies to messages immediately after they arrive. Give yourself some time to reply to messages. You can even include in your work schedule several such periods with equal intervals between them. Then your recipients won't have to wait too long for a response, and you won't drop things every time you see a notification about a new message.

Different teams have different strategies for using Slack. But, probably, in every team there are situations when employees need to allocate a certain amount of time for continuous work. Instead of closing your door or hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob, you can simply pause your notifications. This will give everyone else on your team a clear signal that you are currently busy and are not available for distractions.

How to slow down notifications:

(Video) How to create a PRODUCTIVE to-do List in Slack *TIME SAVER*

Click on your profile. Find "Pause Notifications".

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (9)

Choose the time period that is best for you: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, until tomorrow, or set an individual one by clicking "Custom".

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In Slack, you can also set a notification schedule for yourself. This feature is especially useful for teams whose employees are located in different time zones and, accordingly, work at different times.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (11)

Such a schedule will greatly help in the organization of the workflow and improve productivity, as all members of your team will know exactly when you are ready to respond in just a few minutes, and when they will have to wait a couple of hours.

Tip #3: Pin Important Messages and Links

Slack can become your company's bulletin board, making it much easier for employees and management to communicate. By “pinning” a message, you thus save it for all team members who are present in a particular channel or conversation. This will give everyone the opportunity to easily and quickly access important materials.

How to pin a message:

Place the cursor on the message you want to pin. Click on the ellipsis icon (located in the upper-right corner of the message box). Scroll down and click on "Pin to channel".

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (12)

After that, the background of the pinned message will change and at the top you will see the notification “Pinned by [your name]”. You can conveniently use the top bar to search for pinned messages.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (13)

Tip #4: Track Notifications by Keywords

Notifications coming from dozens of channels in an almost continuous stream, as if from a cornucopia, are knocked out of the working rhythm and negatively affect productivity. What if you can’t just take and turn off channels that are too active, since they are important to you, but you also don’t want to be constantly distracted by many messages so as not to miss the significant ones? There is a solution. Set up keyword alerts. Then you will receive them only if they contain the words you specified in the settings – "beacons".

How to set up receiving notifications by "keys":

(Video) 10 Tips For Using Slack Like A Pro

Enter the "Preferences" menu section.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (14)

In the settings, select the "My keywords" category and create a list of "beacon" words. Periodically update the list of "keys" to ensure that you get only the most important information.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (15)

Tip #5: Everything Important – in the Center

Take the opportunity to attach important information in a visible place to save yourself and your colleagues time spent searching for it. If you send something serious in a private message or in a general channel, concerning several team members or the entire team, pin this message at the very top of the conversation. How to do this, we have already explained above.

Bookmarks work in the same way. The only difference is that they are used for the speed and ease of finding links.

How to bookmark a link:

In the header, click on "Add a bookmark".

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (16)

Paste the desired link.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (17)

Give the link a correct name that will be clear to everyone, and click on the "Add" button.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (18)

The bookmarked link can be seen at the very top.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (19)

By clicking on it, you and your colleagues will be able to go directly to its content without scrolling endlessly through the message feed and without digging into the search.

Tip #6: Receive Calls in One Click

For many people, Slack is a messenger for work correspondence. Not everyone knows that it can also make calls (audio and video). You can start live voice communication both on the channel and in a personal message.

To make a Slack call, simply click on the headphone icon (located in the bottom-left corner). After that, you will start a virtual meeting on the channel or within the message.

Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips (20)

This is much easier than in Zoom, where you need to schedule a meeting in advance and distribute a link to it to colleagues. If you prefer Zoom or some other online conferencing service, Slack has an integration with them.

Tip #7: Take Advantage of AI

Slack developers have recently announced a new messenger functionality with support for artificial intelligence. Built-in AI will help you to write messages more competently. Just a few clicks – and in a matter of seconds you can change the tone of your text, for example, to a more formal or informal one, make it more concise or, conversely, more detailed. Using the capabilities of generative AI in the messenger will allow you to increase the efficiency of work and the quality of communication with employees and management.


Likely, your work involves using a multitude of different services, notjust Slack. You can integrate this messenger into an automatedworkflow by linking it with other systems. For instance, by setting upintegrations for Slack, you can automate receiving personal notificationsor channel messages about new leads on Facebook, new tasks in Asana,and so on.

Summing up

Slack messenger is a great tool for employees to communicate within the team and share important information. However, a lack of understanding of its features can be detrimental to the effectiveness of team members because by itself it cannot simplify and speed up communication. For example, even the best drill can make a hole both in the wall and in the hand – the result directly depends on how exactly you will use it: responsibly or "casually". The recommendations for working with the Slack messenger that we gave in this article will help you use it not just for correspondence, but to improve the quality of communication and the level of team productivity. Saving time and competent organization of the workflow is something that you can easily achieve by using them.

(Video) 10 User Productivity Tips for Slack


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Boosting Productivity with Slack: Practical Tips? ›

“Be less busy.” Slack's motto encourages users to increase their productivity through their real-time communication platform, and many teams find that it delivers on this message. As a messaging app designed with teams in mind, Slack has great features to keep your team members organized and in sync.

What's your best tip for using Slack? ›

Best Slack Tips for Productivity
  • Sort Slack channels for easy scanning. ...
  • Pause notifications for focused work time. ...
  • Pin messages and links for easy recall. ...
  • Adjust your sidebar to show unread channels only. ...
  • Connect your tools to Slack. ...
  • Use the /remind commands to create a to-do list.
Feb 24, 2023

Does Slack help productivity? ›

“Be less busy.” Slack's motto encourages users to increase their productivity through their real-time communication platform, and many teams find that it delivers on this message. As a messaging app designed with teams in mind, Slack has great features to keep your team members organized and in sync.

What tricks really help you raise your productivity? ›

10 tips for improving productivity
  • Stop multitasking. It's often tempting to try and multitask, juggling numerous workday tasks at any one time. ...
  • Set small goals. ...
  • Take a break. ...
  • The five-minute rule. ...
  • Time blocking. ...
  • Delegate. ...
  • Limit distractions. ...
  • Do the hardest thing first.
May 4, 2022

Can I do a checklist in Slack? ›

Go for it! Open the direct message you have with yourself. Click the canvas icon in the top right corner. Near the bottom of your canvas, click the check list icon.

How do I stay productive in Slack? ›

Boost work productivity
  1. Schedule a meeting with external partners. ...
  2. Add Slack messages to Google Sheets. ...
  3. Sync your Slack status with your calendar. ...
  4. Receive event reminders and notifications. ...
  5. Run a poll to collect ideas from your teammates. ...
  6. Use screen sharing to solve problems collaboratively. ...
  7. Create and assign tasks.

How do I stay organized in Slack? ›

Slack Essentials: Organize your work and conversations
  1. Consistent naming conventions.
  2. A clear channel purpose.
  3. A channel topic that gives members direction.
  4. All relevant files are shared in channel.
  5. Key files and information are pinned.
  6. A room full of teammates.

How do I make Slack less distracting? ›

5 tips to help your employees improve their Slack habits
  1. Aggressively leave channels you don't need to be in. ...
  2. Always use threads (and unsubscribe when they get distracting) ...
  3. Tweak settings to manage your notifications. ...
  4. Use the save function for actionable and important items. ...
  5. Leverage your Slack status.
Aug 19, 2022

What are your top 3 productivity hacks for getting things done? ›

15 of the Best Productivity Hacks for 2023
  • Get rid of distractions.
  • Use a project management system.
  • Implement the 2 minute rule.
  • Create a to-do list.
  • Use an email declutter app.
  • Snooze your notifications.
  • Give yourself the freedom to procrastinate.
  • Visualise your tasks.
Dec 9, 2022

What are 3 things that a person can do to increase their productivity at work? ›

How to increase your work productivity
  • Focus on one task at a time. ...
  • Take regular breaks. ...
  • Focus on your biggest tasks first. ...
  • Set small objectives. ...
  • Use the two-minute rule. ...
  • Time block your schedule. ...
  • Make meetings more productive. ...
  • Delegate tasks.
Feb 3, 2023

What is Slack etiquette? ›

Slack etiquette is a code of behavior that helps the preservation of workspace boundaries. It promotes a harmonious and comfortable baseline for communication. It also maximizes the vast features that Slack offers. Good Slack etiquette isn't only for others.

Why do people like Slack so much? ›

Slack organizes conversations into channels, where everyone can come together in one place to share ideas, make decisions and move work forward. It helps teams operate faster and stay in sync, wherever they are.

Why use Slack instead of texting? ›

Slack is a messaging application that makes it easier for in-person and remote teams to communicate. It's a more efficient way to correspond than email and texting, and using Slack will save you from getting stuck in endless text or email threads.

Can my boss see my Slack activity? ›

Can Slack read my direct messages and private channel messages? Yes. Slack doesn't give employers this visibility out of the box but employers can request access. This process varies based on a workspace's pricing tier.

Can managers check your Slack? ›

Channels can be either private or public, and the level of their privacy is set by their admin. Usually, both private and public chats could be seen by anyone within the workspace. On the other hand, direct chats aren't visible to our coworkers and managers. But they can read them.

Can Slack do task management? ›

Slack integrates with all kinds of task management apps so you can manage all of your work in your Slack workspace! Does Slack have task lists? You can use Slack for all of your task lists! Learn more about how to save messages for later, pin messages, integrate with task management apps and more.

How do I do a daily standup in Slack? ›

From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left. Select Tools from the menu, then select Workflow Builder. Click the Templates tab, then select Set Up in the Daily stand-ups and check-ins tile. Follow the prompts to edit the template and then select a channel for the stand-up reminder.

How do I set quiet hours in Slack? ›

Workspace level
  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Settings & administration from the menu, then click Workspace settings.
  3. Scroll down to Do Not Disturb and click Expand.
  4. Select the default hours when members will not receive notifications.
  5. Click Save.

Why is it best to use Slack? ›

It helps teams operate faster and stay in sync, wherever they are. With Slack Connect, you can also improve how you communicate with partners, vendors, clients and more, by bringing your conversations directly into Slack. Are Slack messages secure? Yes.

How is Slack different from teams? ›

What's the Difference Between Slack and Teams? The main difference between Slack and Teams is their focus. Slack is a chat-based collaboration tool that emphasizes communication, while Teams is a comprehensive collaboration suite that offers chat, video conferencing, and integrated document management.

How do you use Slack in the workplace? ›

Tips for using Slack
  1. Use multiple tags. ...
  2. Take advantage of Slack Huddles. ...
  3. Send direct messages and create group chats. ...
  4. Connect with other companies using Slack Connect. ...
  5. Don't worry about storage for now. ...
  6. Improve communication with a poll. ...
  7. Use the up arrow to edit a previous message. ...
  8. Start using saved items.
Feb 21, 2023

What are the downsides of Slack? ›

The cons of Slack
  • It is easy to respond during out-of-office hours when it feels like a "chat" rather than work.
  • Notifications can become overwhelming.
  • Messages can become unorganized quickly.
  • Context switching occurs easily.

What are the cons of Slack? ›

Disadvantages of Slack

Notifications: If an employee is part of a channel, they receive notifications for each bit of activity that happens as a part of this channel. This is rather distracting when trying to work. Distraction: Slack also has the potential to be a major distraction.

What is the competitive advantage of Slack? ›

Slack: Convenience goes a long way, and a notable convenience factor that allows Slack to compete with companies like Microsoft is its apps and integrations. Slack has over 1,500 apps within its app directory, over 4,000 apps that have been built to use with Slack, and over 900,000 integrations.

Is it rude to send Slack messages at night? ›

Sending an email at night was still acceptable. With Slack's notifications and pings across devices, it is a good idea to wait until the morning of the next working day.

When should I use Slack vs email? ›

Slack is an informal, user-friendly form of communication. This makes it better suited than Gmail for casual conversation-like messages and internal company-based communication. Even if you decide to use Slack as your main communication channel, there are many downsides to using Slack by itself.

Do employees like Slack? ›

87% of Slack users say the platform makes them more productive. 84% say it makes them a better worker. 88% say that Slack keeps them in the loop with coworkers. 87% say Slack has a positive impact on their work relationships.

Why do I Slack off so much at work? ›

One of the causes of slacking off is distractions so prevent yourself from getting sidetracked by eliminating distractions. Set your phone to silent and ask anyone around you to refrain from disturbing you (especially if you're working on an urgent task). Avoid social media, and limit gossiping with colleagues.


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