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Byline: with Ruki Sayid and Tricia Phillips

THE choice of Easter eggs has never been greater as stores try toout-do each other with bigger, better and fancier creations.

But before you shell out on treats for the family, check out ourultimate taste test. We've beaten the bunny to hunt down goodies tosuit all ages and budgets - and reckon we've cracked it.

Here's our verdict on which treats have the Eggs Factor andwhich are just a yolk.

*All prices correct at time of going to press


Chocolate Avocado Egg (250g), PS8, Waitrose A realistic looking,supersize avocado shape that looks like it should be mashed on toast,but is made entirely of dark and green coloured chocolate. We enjoyedthe smooth dark chocolate, and while the green version looked scary, itwas yummy. Let down by the bitter, cocoa-dusted chocolate stone. EggsFactor: Clever idea 9/10

Chocolate Egg and Soldiers (68g), PS3, Asda An offthe-wall designof milk and white coloured soldiers and a milk chocolate egg with yolkon top. Sadly, the chocolate tasted like the cheaper-end squares you getin advent calendars. But at least the china egg cup came in handy for usto use with a real egg. Eggs Factor: Style over substance 5/10

Guinness Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (235g), PS8, Tesco Thin walledbut the ordinary dark chocolate egg was smooth and not bitter. We couldreally taste the Guinness in the creamy centres of the eight miniaturechocolates - they were shaped like pints of the dark stuff and camecomplete with frothy tops. Eggs Factor: The pints were the crowningglory 8/10

Princess Wishes (155g), PS6, Thorntons An adorable little milkchocolate character with white and pink chocolate details. But after thepretty-as-apicture cuteness you get a rather tasteless chocolate. EggsFactor: Mediocre for the price 6/10

Taste the Difference Swiss Chocolate Bunny (440g), PS6,Sainsbury's Impressively perfect Easter Bunny that's abeautifully crafted giant. It's mouthwatering and was gobbled upvery quickly. We particularly liked the extra thick bits on the ears,bottom and feet. Great centrepiece for an Easter table to share after ameal.

Eggs Factor: A work of art 10/10

Favorina Larry the Lamb (150g), PS1.99, Lidl Sweet little Easterlamb that looked far too good to break open and eat. But the chocolatewasn't sweet and left a bit of an aftertaste. Eggs Factor: Cute butslightly bitter taste 8/10


Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg (500g), PS27, Hotel ChocolatA hefty price tag but worth it.

Understated, classy packaging hides surprises and a mass offlavours. Delicious, chunky chocolate egg shell that's caramelflavoured on one side and packed with cookies and puffed rice on theother. Loved the caramel-filled bunnies. More please! Eggs Factor: Howall Easter eggs should look and taste 10/10

Belgian Milk & Dark Chocolate Egg (560g), PS20, Marks &Spencer Shimmering gold number with good quality milk and darkchocolate. It took a bit of a thump to break into but was worth theeffort. The chocolate balls around the base were a moreish, finishingtouch with a wellbalanced runny caramel filling. Eggs Factor: Very posh9/10

The Best Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Marc de Champagne Truffles(380g), PS10, Morrisons Looks the part with its fab, highshine gold eggresting above a swanky box of truffles. But the gold came off in ourhands and left them sticky, and the chocolate egg lacked flavour. Wesmelt the truffles before we'd even lifted the lid. Far tooover-powering and boozy for us. Eggs Factor: Disappointing 6/10

Irresistible Single Origin Milk Chocolate Cocoa Pod with Truffles(300g), PS7, The Co-op A gold lustre cocoa pod looked like somethingfrom a sci-fi film. Silky to the touch it glowed from gold to reddepending on how the light hit it. We waited to see if an alien wouldhatch but gave up and devoured the thick, dreamy velvety chocolate. MmmEggs Factor: Out of this world 10/10

Specially Selected Exquisite Up, Up and Away for Easter Hot AirBalloon (320g), PS12.99, Aldi (in stores from March 22) Eye-catchingpurple and gold chocolate hot air balloon with eggs in a chocolatebasket. The chocolate was top notch but the texture of the purplecolouring seemed rough. Loved the wine and gin-flavoured eggs.

Eggs Factor: Eggs-travagent design for a bargain price 9/10

Finest Gin and Elderflower Egg (360g), PS10, Tesco A half dark-halfmilk chocolate egg with the milk side scored and dusted with silver. Butthe pungent elderflower in the egg walls was overpowering and bitter.The silver dusted truffles were tasty but it was all a bit too grown-upfor us. Eggs Factor: Left us feeling shell-shocked 4/10


Chocolate Button Egg (230g), PS4, Marks & Spencer A simple,old-school egg with a bag of extras. Reminded us of our childhoods.Thick and yummy chocolate that goes down a bit too easy and a generousbag of giant chocolate buttons. Our young testers were delighted withthis one.

Eggs Factor: A decent egg at a decent price 9/10

Eton Mess Dessert Egg (200g), PS4, Morrisons Chunky all-in-onewhite chocolate egg that tasted creamy with a nice hint of vanilla. Thefront was tightly packed with a chewy, crispy, fruity mix of meringue,marshmallow and strawberry pieces that was a bit tough to break into.

Eggs Factor: Pretty and tasty 8/10

White Chocolate Easter Egg with White Chocolate Buttons (120g),90p, Sainsbury's Small and perfectly formed. Good quality chocolatethat wasn't too sweet and tasted more expensive than the price tagsuggested with a small bag of chocolate buttons hidden inside. EggsFactor: Eggscellent value for money 10/10


Rainbow the Unicorn (200g), PS3.50, Tesco Funky pink unicorn thatsmelled of strawberries as soon as we opened the pack. The chunky,strawberry-flavoured chocolate was surprisingly good and not sickly.Reminded us of strawberry Nesquik but in a good way. Eggs Factor:Perfect combo of magical, pink and edible 10/10

Chick Belgian Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (150g), PS5, Waitrose Thefront of the egg was crammed with tiny speckled eggs and the colourfulpackaging meant it was real eye candy. The chocolate was delicious andcomplimented the mini eggs, but we were disappointed by how thin andlightweight it was. Eggs Factor: Eggspensive treat 8/10

Dairyfine Curious Inventions Popping Candy Easter Egg (200g),PS2.99, Aldi Crammed with candy coated chocolate counters and jellybeans and striped with white chocolate, it was a feast for the eyes.Good chocolate at a bargain price, we forgave its lack of popping candy.Eggs Factor: Willy Wonka of eggs 10/10

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (120g), PS5, Waitrose An understatedrelief design of a frolicking lamb that was as minimalist as thechocolate content. While it was velvety, there wasn't much of itand we wanted a chunkier egg.

Eggs Factor: Needs filling out 5/10

Smash Egg (330g), PS5, Asda The egg in the centre gave it a modern,emoji look and when we broke it open, a treasure trove of colourfulspeckled eggs spilled out. The chocolate had a sticky texture and clungto our teeth. Very sweet, but there was plenty to go round.

Eggs Factor: Smashing fun 6/10

Thomas the Tank Engine (210g), PS7, Marks & Spencer Cute milkchocolate number with lots of small details and nice touches of whitechocolate that our young helper didn't want us to break open.Quality chocolate with some nice corners of chunkiness. Eggs Factor: Onefor Thomas fans 9/10

Favorina White Chocolate Belgian Easter Egg (200g), PS2.99, LidlLooked colourful and appealing with a mix of white and milk chocolateand mass of retro sweets. The chocolate was disappointing. It stuck tothe roof of our mouths and left an unpleasant aftertaste. Eggs Factor:Disappointing flavour 6/10


Lucy the Lamb (200g), PS4, Asda A delightful-looking whitechocolate lamb with milk chocolate detail that will appeal to youngerones. The tasty white chocolate wasn't overly sweet and worked wellwith the milk chocolate to give extra flavour. Eggs Factor: Not a baa-dchoice 9/10

Nutty Egg (400g), PS8, Marks & Spencer We loved the mix ofcreamy, sweet chocolate (although not too sweet) with the slightly saltynuts that were jam packed into the shell. It didn't matter it wasan all-in-one number as it was packed with flavours and textures.

Eggs pane this o Factor: Our panel went nuts over one 10/10

King of Eggs (800g), PS12, Morrisons It certainly looks the part, agiant marbled egg. But that's where the good bit ends. Thechocolate was bitter and tasted cheaper than we had expected for theprice. A bit of an anticlimax. Eggs Factor: All looks and no substance5/10

Deluxe Premium Salted Caramel Easter Egg (200g), PS3.49, Lidl Itstarted well with a tasty milk chocolate shell, but it was almostimpossible to break into the front where the salted caramel was mixedwith white chocolate buttons. The pieces were rock hard, though, and wewere worried for our teeth.Eggs Factor: Too tough for our taste 4/10

White Chocolate Bunny Egg (151g), PS4, Thorntons Sweet-looking eggand a decent size for the price. But the chocolate was bland compared tothe other white chocolate we tested and it was very thin. Eggs Factor:Give it a miss 3/10

Moser Roth The Collection Single Origin Fairtrade Ghana Easter Egg(180g), PS4.99, Aldi A flat-sided egg with a stunning, detailed print ofan elephant in a jungle that was worthy of a frame.The melt-in-themouthchocolate. lovely. Eggs Factor: Speggtacular 10/10

Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Banoffee Egg (200g), PS5, The Co-op Thewhite chocolate-surround centre was filled with candied banana,butterscotch chips and chocolate biscuit balls producing a cacophony offlavours and textures. A lot going on but the creamy chocolate calmedit. Eggs Factor: Tantalises taste buds 8/10

Arabica Coffee Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (170g), PS7, WaitrosePretty print gave it an artisan look but there was a hidden kick - adistinct coffee flavour that will be a hit with teens who love achocolate frappuccino. Finely ground coffee beans in the shell gave itan added boost. Eggs Factor: Cup winner 8/10

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