Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (2023)

Critical: Die Nachfahrin von Afghani und Skunk

Der endgültige Schüssel zu einer guten kommerziellen Ernte ist das deftige Rauchen; es hätte keinen Sinn, eine Pflanze mit einem so hohen Ertrag ohne Power im Zug zu haben. Daher freuen wir uns behaupten zu können, dass die Critical beim Stone genau so viel hergibt wie im Ertrag. Sie führt zu einer schönen Stoned-Wirkung, die dich in einer entspannten Schwingung auflockert.? Bei der Entscheidung, welche Züchtung zu growen sei, gab es immer viele Anforderungen zu erfüllen: Stärke, Ertrag, Geschmack, einfache Handhabung beim Growen, Klimatauglichkeit etc. Es gibt eine Marihuanapflanze, die versucht all diese Eigenschaften in perfektem Gleichgewicht in sich zu vereinen, um die ultimative für den Verkauf bestimmte Ernte zu produzieren: Hoher Ertrag, kurze Blüte, gut zu rauchen.

Unsere Critical-Sorte ist eine indicadominierte Sorte, die von den entspannenden Eltern Afghani und Skunk abstammt. Sie bewahrt eine kleine Größe und überschreitet nur selten eine Höhe von 100cm.

Große Erträge in kurzer Zeitspanne

Wird sie indoor gegrowt, liefert sie im Durchschnitt 65-75 Gramm pro Pflanze und kann auch leicht 600 Gramm pro Quadratmeter erzielen, wenn sie unter einer 600 W Lampe gegrowt wird. Wird sie outdoor gegrowt, bevorzugt sie wärmeres Klima so wie zum Beispiel in Spanien, Italien oder Kalifornien. Kann sie unter den richtigen Bedingungen wachsen, produziert sie über 650 Gramm pro Pflanze. Dank ihrer relativ kurzen Blütezeit, kann sie auch in nördlicheren Lagen gegrowt werden (Großbritannien, Holland), erreicht aber dabei nicht das volle Potential, als wenn sie indoor gegrowt wird.

Entspannende Stoned-Wirkung

Keine andere Pflanze von Royal Queen Seeds wirft in sieben Wochen so einen Ertrag ab wie die feminisierte Critical. Die kurze Blütezeit macht sie geeignet für Grower mit einem knappen Zeitplan. Kommerzielle Grower werden über ihre Ergebnisse beim Sea/Screen of Green Verfahren erfreut sein, da sie bei sehr niedrigem Aufwand sehr hohe Erträge abwirft.

Critical data sheet
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (1)Art der Sorte:Feminisierte
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (2)THC:18%
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (3)CBD:Niedrig
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (4)Ertrag Indoor:550 - 600 gr/m2
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (5)Ertrag Outdoor:600 - 650 gr/plant
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (6)Höhe Indoor:80 - 140 cm
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (7)Höhe Outdoor:180 - 220 cm
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (8)Blütephase:7 - 9 Wochen
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (9)Erntemonat:Vom 15. bis ende September
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (10)Genetischer hintergrund:Afghani x Skunk
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (11)Art:Sativa 40% Indica 60%
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (12)Wirkung:Körperlich entspannend, Schwer, Stoned
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (13)Klimazone:Kurze Sommer
Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (14)Geschmack:Erdig, Fruchtig, Kiefer, Skunk, Süßigkeit

    VonR. J. Am 18/Jan/2023 :


    Anrede : La reina de los cultivos
    Kommentare : Fuerte robusta potente sabor a afgano sin duda no falta en ningun cultivo

    VonM. E. Am 12/Dez/2022 :


    Anrede : Very good strain in all ways
    Kommentare : Okay, y'all should feel special reading this because I am writing this report on the Royal Queen Critical strain after having my first Volcano vape balloon. I cultivated 5 plants after 10 seeds so the germination success wasn't great. All 5 that did germinate came through.They grew very quickly. They were in flower within 5 weeks of sowing. After 6 weeks and 4 days of flowering I had to harvest because mould infected one of the buds, but luckily I spotted it in time for it only to have affected a small area of one bud.Mould is a problem with smaller grow tents regardless as I have observed from my many years experience growing in them.The plants looked like they needed something all through. I got a lot of pale leaves and tried everything to change this, but nothing changed particularly no matter how much I experimented. The acutal buds looked amazing as they grew though and they were not pale at all. I think may be it has to do with the fact that they are so quick at growing they are eating their own leaves as well as anything and all you feed them with. I used Canna all the way through and Biobizz as the growing medium.The plants were not that thirsty, but seemed to handle as much feed, PK and booster as I slightly pushed it to give them.Ihave got some amazing buds drying from this. I think one plant has may be 3 ounces on it and the other between 2 and 2.5 ( a very conservative estimate). I don't manipulate the growth so I am not even trying to encourage any more with any technique as am not growing commercially. I let them do their thing as I like the single big Christmas tree centre buds.I am really feeling a good buzz after my first vape of this. It is much lighter on my sinuses and chest than the other I have been using for years now. I seem to have become completely allergic to it. It was a strong effect, but a very rocky ride. There was some irritant happening with that strain, on mind and body.The Critical is a relief. My sinuses feel clear and I got a lovely trippy feeling from it. It was very physical like floating. It reminded me so much of the old LSD, like when you are coming up on that. It is not rocky at all other than a bit of conscience about the world. Gives you eyes to see the bad while trying to keep feeling the good, as does herb generally. It is the plant of consciousness more than any other isn't it.Lets keep breaking on through to the other side. Go to have Kaya now. Critical is going to be my wings for my mind for the next six months or so. I am really happy with this. Thank you Royal Queen Seeds.

    VonT. V. Am 06/Dez/2022 :


    Anrede : Very good feminized seeds!
    Kommentare : I got 3 of these as a free sample and fell in love with this strain! Ordered 5 more and girls are ready in few weeks with big tasty smelling buds. Critical is was really forgiving strain (everything did not go smoothly im the groving process).I would 100% recommend Critical for every skill lvl grower. Oh and the seed germination rata was 8/8 seeds.Thank you for great seeds RQS

    VonT. S. Am 02/Nov/2022 :


    Anrede : Sehr gute Erträge
    Kommentare : In kurzer Zeit attraktiver Ertrag. Dichtes Blattwerk. Sehr guter Geschmack. Langanhaltende Wirkung. Top.

    VonF. S. Am 31/Okt/2022 :


    Anrede : Power Gärtner
    Kommentare : Sehr zufrieden!!! Guter Ertrag Schnell Fertig.Einfach Top

    VonG. D. Am 17/Okt/2022 :


    Anrede : Grég
    Kommentare : Bonne variété.Seulement 3 graines sur 4 ont germées

    VonJ. H. Am 16/Okt/2022 :


    Anrede : Critical indoor
    Kommentare : All 5 seeds germinated and All plants are lookin very healthy 1 month into flower. Amazing fruity sweet smell. Fast growing strain.

    VonM. L. Am 26/Sept/2022 :


    Anrede : Oui
    Kommentare : un classique, une valeur sure. La critical est solide, tant à la croissance qu'à la dégustation !

    VonJ. L. Am 05/Sept/2022 :


    Anrede : Recommended
    Kommentare : Fastest growing plant i have seen in my life. Its just gorgeous to see her grow.

    VonJ. J. Am 24/Aug/2022 :


    Anrede : Reliable
    Kommentare : The most reliable and stable genetics of the rqs range in my opinion. This has been a firm personal favourite for years!

    VonC. B. Am 19/Aug/2022 :


    Anrede : Monsieur
    Kommentare : Superbe planteBon rendementSimple a cultiverJe recommande

    VonS. D. Am 17/Aug/2022 :


    Anrede : Dieu
    Kommentare : Très bonne graine , production rapide et grosse quantité

    VonR. S. Am 04/Aug/2022 :


    Anrede : Ralle
    Kommentare : Super Sorte kann ich nur empfehlen.

    VonS. V. Am 28/Jul/2022 :


    Anrede : Klassieker
    Kommentare : er zijn veel Critical soortjes, maar deze springt er tussen uit !

    VonF. L. Am 21/Jul/2022 :


    Anrede : Vulnerable, slim heavyweight (25-65g each)
    Kommentare : This strain produces thick and very dense main colas with only few side branches. The massiveness of buds makes them prone to mold in the middle of the main cola, so you better drop down the relative humidity severely to prevent painful yield loss. Furthermore, I found the strain is susceptible to turning hermaphrodite when experiencing stress (e.g., from heavy defoliation).Under ~700µmol/m²/s light with enough spacing in between, the average plant carried ~45g dried flowers and the total range was between 25g and 65g each. In most cases, for it's relatively low volume (slim and tall stature), the strain carries a lot of quality dry material per m² - way more than many others on RQS in my experience.Depending on the individual plant, scent can be like chocolate, forest soil and lemon. It is possible that the plant turns slightly purple when given low enough night temperatures.

    Alle Rezensionen

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  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (16)

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Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (20)

Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (21)

  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (22)

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  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (28)

  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (29)

  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (30)

  • Critical Cannabissamen - Royal Queen Seeds (31)

Von Arsalan|2018-06-14 19:17:10 it Auto flowering or photo period ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please find the autoflowering version of this seed at the following link:

Von Brad|2018-06-10 11:49:21

Hey because the lifespan is so short does it work like autos where they change automatically? Or do you have to change the lighting times like regulars?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note this plant is photo-dependent, so you will need to change the lighting.

Von Jamie|2018-06-07 11:57:22

Hey guys does this plant give a odour when flowering

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The smell of your plants would depend on several factors If your plants are healthy and happy their smell will be stronger. Some companion plants can serve a masking function for the characteristic Cannabis plant smell. Here is a link with some basic information about it

Von Onofrio|2018-02-21 14:04:42

Quanto settimane ci mette a crescere prima di iniziare la fase di fioritura?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

7-8 weeks. You can check this information in each product data sheet.

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