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Have you already found your favorite piece, or just going to do it (in this case check our art prints), you definitely will think about how to frame it? Where to begin? What must you do in order not to be disappointed after? In fact, there is no right size frame for art. You can make with your piece that you want. However, I am here to make your task easier. I’ll talk about some of the rules that will facilitate the choice of frame size.

Below I will give you some verified links of picture frames based on customer reviews (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases). If you’re already ready to choose a frame for your art, please check out Amazon Bestsellers.

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Well… most just use standard size frames. Such frames can be found in stores or Amazon. Selection of standard sizes can save considerable money than in order to make a frame for Custom sizes. Use the dimensions shown above to choose the frame you need.

Art decorated in a mat and frame looks great. (Paintings made oil or acrylic, usually not framed mat). Why use a mat? There are two reasons. Firstly, mat adds depth and visual appeal. For example, a small image with a large white or light gray mat around it looks great. Colored mat allows accent color of pictures. Furthermore, the mat prevents contact art and glass. This can be important when placing pastel drawing or watercolor.Check out my postThe easy way to mount a poster with mat board yourselffor more details.

If you have a frame 8 x 10 inches, and the art of the same size, then you will not have a place to have a mat. You have to take a big frame, for example, 11 x 14 inches. Thus, you can put a mat around 8 x 10 picture. How to choose the size of the fields of the mat? Keep in mind, the small field almost does not perform their aesthetic function. In this case, the mat will merge with the frame. I advise you to take the mat with fields 1/3 – 1/2 of the smallest measurement of your picture. This means that if you have a picture of 8 x 10 inches, 8 inches is the smallest dimension of your picture.

Thus, the field should be from 2.7 (8×1/3) inches to 4 (8 inches x1/2) inches on each side. Therefore, the frame size that you need from 13.4 (8 + 2.7 + 2.7) inches to 16 (8 + 4 + 4) inches on the short side and 15.4 (10 + 2.7 + 2.7) to 18 (10 + 4 + 4) inches longer side. Now look at the standard frames size above. The most appropriate size of the frame will be 14×18 inches. Note that these calculations are approximate and not compulsory. This can be used as a starting point for the selection of the frame and mat. I hope now it will be easier to choose a frame for your art.

You can choose suitable frames and mats on Amazon – the best picture frames, the best picture matsor check out my personal list of the best frames based on customer reviews.

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Frametory, 18×24 Metal Wall Mount Frame for Prints, Aluminum Picture Frame with Real Glass

This product was exactly what I needed. We put together a puzzle, mod podged it and needed a frame. I purchased one at a local store but it had plexiglass, designed for a poster, so the plexi was not sturdy enough and the frame was not deep enough for the puzzle to fit well. So I searched Amazon, checked out this one, read other reviews and here we are. Because of the design of the spring clips the puzzle is held tightly. The real glass keeps the puzzle from bending.

Lynn Stacy


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Americanflat 12×18 Poster Frame, Black

I admire craftsmanship that uses forethought in the design. The wood is well strong enough, jointed well so it won’t fall apart, and the hardware is pre-mounted for horizontal or vertical hanging. One merely has to install the plastic-coated wire across the hangers, and bingo, you’re on your way. Installation of a poster was a breeze. The plastic picture cover is protected with a tear-off plastic coating, so it will look good once the protection is removed. You can use the backing and the plastic cover sheet to sandwich the poster in-between, then place that assembly inside the frame. Worked for me. Just a thought. Your way may be better. I’ve purchased frames from Americanflat before, and I’m sure I will again. —Casey


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Frametory, 11×14 Picture Frames – Made to Display Pictures 8×10 with Mat or 11×14 Without Mat – Wide Molding – Pre-Installed Wall Mounting Hardware

This frame is exactly what I wanted. It’s simple and chic and really goes well with the 11×14 artwork I put in it. Easy to open and close. The glass is secure inside the frame, and there isn’t much of a glare from it, but I guess that depends on where you place it relative to the lights in the room. Also comes with a mat, which wasn’t of any use to me, but it’s still nice to have in case I ever want to change out the picture and put it to use. It was also packed securely and arrived safely. –Brittany F.


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Americanflat 9×12 Picture Frame in Black – Displays 6×8 With Mat and 9×12 Without Mat – Composite Wood with Shatter Resistant Glass – Horizontal and Vertical Formats for Wall

Great frame that is sturdy and worth the price. I comfortably framed an entire Time Magazine within the frame without problems. It has held up well and I look forward to purchasing more of these frames. Other people are disappointed that the wire isn’t installed to frame… which is just mental because they’re allowing you to choose to do a vertical or horizontal framing. Just twist the wire and slip it on. It’s so easy! You already have to take the frame backing off to put your “art” inside of it. I honestly don’t understand peoples complaints with this. —ChainsawBuddha–


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MCS 65549 , Black 24 x 36 Inch Trendsetter Poster Frame, 24 x 36

I was nervous about buying this because of all of the horrible reviews saying it broke apart easily, was bent out of shape, or was difficult to assemble… Firstly let me start by saying that I had no trouble at all assembling it. It took me about 3 mins to put my poster in there. Secondly, it arrived in one perfect piece! No scratched plastic, no broken corners, nothing! It’s definitely a frame for posters and not for photos. It’s not some amaaaaazing quality but for the price I think it’s definitely worth it and it looks just like it does in the photos and demonstration video 🙂 —Kat


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Amazon Basics Photo Picture Frame – 8″ x 10″, Black – Pack of 2

I am so delighted with this frame, which I ordered in black but which comes in at least five colors. It’s sturdy and beautiful. I’m also delighted with the vendor’s packaging. There’s no way this frame could have arrived broken because of the amazing care taken in packaging. Thanks, vendor. I will definitely use you from now on, and I order regularly.



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MCS Museum Poster Frame, 11 x 17 Inch, Barnwood

I got the medium wood colored frame and I couldn’t be happier! I am using it for our fraternity composite photo so I wanted something that was cost effective and able to survive being in a frat house. It seems pretty sturdy and has a good build quality! The wood grain looks very realistic and has a nice texture to it! Overall, I would definitely recommend this frame.

Casey Mershon


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Frametory, 16×20 Black Picture Frame – Made to Display Pictures 11×14 Photo with Ivory Color Mat – Wide Molding – Built in Hanging Features

I used this frame for a painting commissioned by a client. I’ve been a professional artist for 10 years, and this is the best quality frame for such an inexpensive price that I’ve ever bought. It came packaged very carefully with a reusable inner box and corner protectors, the frame itself looks great and is well made, the back panel is very well made and stays securely in place, yet is easily removable. It has sturdy sawtooth hangers for either portrait or landscape orientation, and the edges of the glass are rounded and finished– something you basically never see in frames under $100. Will definitely buy more of these frames in the future! —Mikael


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Frametory, Smooth Wood Grain Frame with Ivory Mat for Photo includes Sawtooth Hangers and Real Glass for Landscape/Portrait

Oh my God this frame is gorgeous!!! I have purchased probably 50 to 60 various types of frames from Target and one other on Amazon. This is by far THE BEST quality and value and was packaged expertly!!! I ordered this after I had one delivered by Target that arrived in pieces. This was sealed with bumper pieces of foam on it in a box within an Amazon box. I am amazed at the quality for the price!! It is exactly what I was looking for to frame this print for my baby’s room. I removed the included mat to make it fit 11×14. —Jessica Anderson


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Lorell Stylish Poster Frame, 24″ x 36″

With Covid, wife begun to draw cartoons. So we needed frames.
These are the inexpensive ones. With plastic rails that slide on/ off.
Glass/ really plastic was super shiny. Your remove plastic coating on both sides.
We used the paper pit came with as matte. We are super happy with result. To me, they look expensive..
Bought several at once. Locally they wanted $20 a piece. Here similar product delivered to front door.



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Golden State Art, Gold Aluminum Metal Wall Photo Frame Collection with Ivory Color Mat for Picture & Real Glass (11×14 Frame, 1-Pack)

These frames are just as described. I ordered a 6-pack and all arrived in great condition. The gold is a beautiful soft gold with a matte finish. I like that it is not too shiny or too gold. Each frame is securely packed in its own box and the corners of each frame have a nice foam padding and a cardboard cover. I will order more of these. –lz3000


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MCS, Black, 18 x 24 Inch Trendsetter Poster Frame, 2-Pack, 18 x 24

These were way better than I expected, Im one of those people that for a select few items it takes me years to do something with them despite good intentions. Getting frames for some limited edition artwork was one of those items. The fit perfectly and they any can’t tell its not glass until you get up close. Im really glad I got these because now they look great on my wall. If you have really nice artwork these might not be for you but these were just high quality prints of digital art so the price was justified. —G. Boscamp


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