Senior Business Analytics Consultant - Remote Eligible at Presbyterian Healthcare Services (2023)


This position is remote eligible to candidates located in the United States with the exclusion of the states: Washington, Ohio, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The Senior Business Analytics Consultant will manage reporting/analytics/research solutions portfolios across the business units within the analytics organization. The Senior Business Analytics Consultant will perform advanced data research, management and analysis, prepare presentations to communicate results, and assist project leaders with development of solutions/tools. Serve as a subject matter expert in reporting/analytics area as needed driving all aspects of the initiative including identifying issues, forming hypotheses, planning and conducting interviews & analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations and helping to implement the solution. Lead and manage several small to mid-size projects with cross functional teams as well as an individual contributor to implement, test and deploy the approved reporting/analytics solution in response to the business (clinical/operational/financial) needs. Responsible for mentoring consultants and analysts as well as creating and managing tactical work plan/ timelines for various reporting/analytics/research projects. Provide input to senior leadership in proactively identifying and forecasting future trends and needs in technology and analytical solutions from business stakeholders.

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Skills highlighted (not in order of importance):

Healthcare corporate finance experience including financial modeling and performance trending
Experience in Data and Analytics or Finance space leading analytical projects (PnL, NPV, Buy vs Build)
Master's degree or higher preferred
Experience with healthcare financial systems in both health plan and delivery system (Lawson, Kauffman Hall etc.)
Experience with analytical tools and BI systems (SQL, SAS, Tableau, Business Objects, PowerBI etc.)
Proven experience in successful communications at all levels up to CFO and CEO on providing strategic recommendations

Types of projects you will work on:

Translate financial health and provide insightful KPIs to share with decision makers and form a holistic picture of an organization's fiscal health.
Working with business areas such as accounting, business operations and finance to model new assumptions, run sensitivity analysis and test alternatives that predict how operational decisions might affect their companies' financial future.
Experience in Financial modeling, performance trending
Translating forecasts into actionable departmental plans aligned across the business
Performing a variety of what-if and scenario analyses to prepare for any change in internal or market conditions
Manage reporting communications analysis and insights to decision makers

Other information:
Bachelors degree in a quantitative, business, or healthcare related subject. A Masters or a Ph.D. is highly preferred. Six or more years of combined experience in business intelligence, reporting, analytics and health services research. Demonstrated project management skills as well as the ability to efficiently work and manage teams and resources. Experience working on complex analytical projects with diverse teams and developing data driven and outcome based initiatives to improve business decision making and operational efficiencies. Knowledge of health plan and delivery system operations, health care informatics, and healthcare benefits and terminology (e.g., care management). Understanding of operations in the Health Care industry and a strong acumen of business processes, including operations, delivery models and revenue models. Understanding of program evaluation life cycle, predictive modeling, data mining, and clinical best practices preferred. Experience in financial modeling, value analysis, and other financial management. Experience in health system finance, strategic planning or decision support analytics preferred. Content knowledge related to program outcomes evaluation, BI tools (e.g., BO), data visualizations tools (e.g., Tableau), statistical software such as SAS and Modeling techniques, as well as general health service research and outcomes reporting/analytics. Working knowledge of healthcare industry and healthcare information standards such as HL7, LOINC, FHIR, ICD 9/10 and CPT codes, industry standard groupers (e.g., ETGs, DRGs, DCGs, etc.) as well as of health care delivery system processes. Excellent written and oral communications is a MUST.


Consultation and Communication:
Management competencies to collaborate, establish and sustain working relationships across the AO Hub/Spoke core teams assisting in development, implementation and management of reporting/analytics/research portfolio

Oversee and support day-to-day consultation to business users and support management of cross-functional teams
Manage reporting/analytics/research project portfolio with the vision & goals of specific Hub/Spoke core teams

Manage business stakeholders communications to identify business needs and oversee creation of the use cases and user stories satisfying those needs

Effective communication across the organization and at different levels, strategic thinking and actions to influence key stakeholders and business decisions

Coordinate and deliver effective presentations/communique to communicate strategy and outcomes to business stakeholders

Project management and Execution:
Apply industry knowledge to project work and proactively share that knowledge with business stakeholders

Support and provide input with regards to work assignments prioritization across the organization

Manage and execute work portfolios in specific business units of PHS - tools, solutions, & reporting/analytics

Track and communicate multiple tasks, milestones, deadlines, and customer relationships

Manage reporting/analytics/research projects development and execution as a part of broader team of data scientists and informaticists by working with the appropriate technical resources as well as an individual contributor to transform business problems into technical problems

Proactively identify and assist, as appropriate, in the timely resolution of any technical or operational issues; coordinate and communicate such activities with management

Manage effective collaboration on roadmaps, dependencies, and execution plans across analytical units and with applicable teams in the organization

Coordinate with data scientist, Informaticist, and analyst to identify data needs, sources, and structure to support business problem solving process

Support overall program evaluations (i.e., planning-implementation-completion/analysis-reporting) and manage other assessments such as change management assessments, workflow optimization assessments, etc.

Manage analytical solution development efforts with other departments across the AO such as IM governance & EDW to conceptualize and develop reporting/analytical methodologies, solutions and improvement initiatives

Training and Guidance:
Assists managers in determining the best content to share with others; support other team members in knowledge sharing best practices

Oversee and manage training of analysts in core and expanded business department

Oversee audits and monitor progress of team members supporting the business process and assists in regular assessment of the teams performance and makes suggestions for improvement

Thought Leadership:
Participate in developing presentations/publications/point-of-views with senior leadership within the AO

Contribute towards and assist senior leadership in developing a year-end value story to demonstrate value of the team and their contribution to progress towards the AOs and PHSs goals.


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Presbyterian's story is really the story of the remarkable people who choose to work here. The hard work of our physicians, nurses, employees, board members and volunteers grew Presbyterian from a tiny tuberculosis sanatorium to a statewide healthcare system that serves more than 875,000 New Mexicans.

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Presbyterian Healthcare Services exists to improve the health of patients, members and the communities we serve. We are a locally owned, not-for-profit healthcare system of nine hospitals, a statewide health plan and a growing multi-specialty medical group. Founded in New Mexico in 1908, we are the state's largest private employer with nearly 14,000 employees - including more than 1,600 providers and nearly 4,700 nurses.

Our health plan serves more than 580 . click apply for full job detailsSenior Business Analytics Consultant - Remote Eligible at Presbyterian Healthcare Services (1)

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