Telegram search engine (2023)

Telegram app is at the top of the social networks today and has attracted many users, although it has been banned in some countries, but because of the popular interest in the messaging app, its popular still.

As the Telegram is updated, its capabilities have increased in popularity. One of the great features of Telegram is the search engine that is highly advanced and has many options and makes it easy for many people.

How to use Telegram search engine

Sometimes you need to search in a Telegram channel or group or even private chats, songs, pictures, videos and even a favorite message.

Telegram search engine recommends it to users instead of scroll up and down messages to find the desired message and waste time. With this feature you can easily find what you are looking for in a short period of time.

General parts of Telegram search engine

Custom search for each channel, group and chat

In this type of search you can search for messages by a specific person or a specific date in the group.

Telegram Custom search also deals with some types of search:
Search for specific person messages
Search by date
Search for a phrase

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Telegram search engine (1)

Telegram general Search

In this type of search you generally search for a phrase in your Telegram account (channel, group, private chat, etc).

Sometimes users in Telegram groups look for a specific person’s messages, and given the large number of people and messages in the group, it is difficult to find that person’s messages.

It may be time-consuming to scroll up and down to find the message, but with the Telegram search engine, users can easily find individual messages by searching and writing personal IDs so that they are separate from other messages.
In this type of search you can easily see all the messages (photos, videos, music, audio and video messages) that the user has sent in the group. The order of this type of search is in the newest message to the oldest message.

Telegram search engine (2)

Tutorial of Searching for Specific Messages:
After joining the Telegram group, click on the three dot icon at the top right.

Then select the search option.
The shape looks like a dummy at the bottom of the screen, select it.

You can then select one of the group members in the drop-down list to display its messages, and you can also enter and confirm the ID of the person you want to identify with its message.
Select a user or enter an ID into the Telegram search engine

You’ll see that the person’s messages are displayed and you will see the latest message, which you can see in the previous messages with the up and down buttons at the bottom of the page.

Search by date (in group, channel, and private chat)

Due to the large number of messages you can easily find the message by remembering the date.
This way you have to select a date to view the messages in that date.
You can view messages on that date by logging into a group or channel or private chat page.
After selecting the date you will see the first message sent in the first hour of that date and you can scroll down to see other messages of that date.

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Telegram search by date

Click on the three dot icon at the top right of the screen after joining the group.
Select the search option.
Select an icon that looks like a calendar.
Specify the date you are looking for.
Select (Jump to date).

Eventually you’ll see the person’s messages appear, and you’ll see the latest message, which you can see in the previous messages with the up and down buttons at the bottom of the page.

Phrase, word and text search (in group, channel, and private Telegram chat)

If you are looking for a message or text that you have previously read in a group or channel and chatting with your friends but have not been able to find it due to the multitude of messages, this search feature is useful for you.

You can easily find the message you want by entering a word or part of a phrase. In this type of search you have to enter a part (can be a word) of the text or message and then you will see the messages where your input text is in the old order.

Enter your personal channel and group or chat first.
Click the three dot icon at the top right.
Select the search option.
Type the word or phrase you want at the top of the page.

There may be several words or phrases you are looking for by clicking the ^ icon at the bottom of the page to scroll up and down and find your message across thousands of messages.
If you want to delete and type in a new word or phrase you can use the multiplier (x) at the top and click on it, clear the word or phrase you just typed in and enter the new one.

Telegram Channel Search Engine to find content

Perhaps one of the complaints we always make to the Telegram is that the content that is published on this social platform is buried very quickly among thousands of other useful and unprofitable content, and finding it useful is a difficult task.

That’s why we were always interested in having a Telegram channel search engine like Google, but only for the Telegram, so that we could easily search for content and content published in the Telegram as well as channels.

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Just as we search our search terms on Google, search each term in the Telegram, search through all the Telegram channels registered on this site, and you can see its results, of course. The results are very limited.

To use the Telegram search feature, you must first create an account for yourself.

For example, we are following a site and do not know if it has a Telegram channel or not. We might also like to know what posts and channels the name of that site came from.

Just search for its name in the Telegram search engine.
As you can see, the search results are presented in two sections: channels and posts.

You may be interested in following channels in a specific area. For example interested in SEO. Just search the SEO term to see channels related to this area.

Also if you have a channel in the Telegram, you can introduce your own channel to this search engine.

Of course, now that the top spot in Telegram search results is not easily past, if you are looking for content on a channel you can access the contents of that channel through the Telegram search engine without any tools.

You may have been looking for a specific content or image in the Telegram, but you will not find the content you are looking up or down the channel. Finally, after a few minutes of searching and not finding the content you are looking for, you will end up with Google.

More members are matter for the Telegram search results

In this post, we are going to introduce a method where you can easily include your channel in all of your Telegram searches by increasing the members of the Telegram channel. By increasing the number of members of your Telegram channel you can be in the top ranks of Telegram search results, exactly like Google’s search engine. to increase your visibility on Telegram search engine, buy Telegram members.

(Video) How To Rank Telegram Channel In Search Result | Telegram Channel Kaise Rank Karwaye Search Result Me

Search the Telegram

Working with Telegram is simple and can show you the results you want in just seconds. But the Telegram will only show channels with more members.
The Telegram operates almost like a Google search engine and performs search across all Telegram channels. To work with the Telegram search engine, just follow these steps. Keep in mind that the Telegram will show you only 2 results per search page.
Working with the Telegram search engine is simple and easy, and you can easily access the channels you want to know about without the need for Google.

How to search the Telegram

You can easily search for a word in up to three words.
You can view three of the largest Telegram channels using the Telegram Search Engine.

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Why is my Telegram Search Not Working? ›

Confirm your internet is working

The first remedy to Telegram not connecting on your device is to check your internet connection. Like you already know, Telegram requires a stable/strong internet connection to send and receive messages.

How can I get sensitive content in Telegram? ›

Select “Settings” from the overflow menu. Press the “Privacy and Security” icon. Scroll down to the “Sensitive content” section. Tap the “Disable filtering” box to turn it on.

How can I get global search results in Telegram? ›

Use keywords - When searching for files on Telegram, it can be helpful to include keywords in your search so that you find relevant content faster. 3. Use the search bar at the top of the page - This will allow you to filter your results based on a varie.

What search engine does Telegram use? ›

Google easily delivers good telegram search results, for the most part, because Google has advanced search operators. The image below demonstrates the use of the site: operator to restrict search results to Telegram ( Next, one can add keywords such as company name to tailor the search results.

How does Telegram search work? ›

How Does Telegram Search Engine Work? Crawling is the first thing that a Telegram search engine does. All of the groups, channels, and bots are inside the Telegram database. Telegram search engines crawl or gather and store all of these public ( not private ) channels, groups, bots and information.

Which VPN is best for Telegram? ›

  • BEST VPN FOR TELEGRAM:NordVPN is our top pick. ...
  • TOP BUDGET CHOICE:Surfshark packs a ton of security features, doesn't log user information, and allows an unlimited number of connections. ...
  • GREAT ALL-ROUNDER:ExpressVPN is fast and reliable. ...
  • SOLID SECURITY:CyberGhost is our #1 Choice.
15 Aug 2022


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