The 20 Best Unblocked Games For School And Work (2023)

This guide covers thebest unblocked gamesfor school or work.

Whether it’s to kill time or to avoid doing work, we’ve all been there. Sitting and playingonline gamesat school or work to avoid your responsibilities is an essential part of being a professional procrastinator. However, the problem comes when your place of work or school has internetrestrictionsthat can spoil your not-sofree time.

Back in the day, it was fairly simple to get around internet blocks and indulge in theclassicslike Bush Shootout and Alpine Skiing. All you needed to do was find a good proxy website and off you went. Unfortunately, institutions got wise to this and before long proxy sites were blocked too.

Of course, newgaming sitespop up all the time. And it would be impossible for schools orworkplacesto block everything. Often times they use software that identifies keywords (such as “free games”) to make internet filtering automatic. But that doesn’t mean they catch everything and there are still many aunblocked gamessite to get stuck into.

Luckily, there areentertainingonline gamesfor you to play when you’re trying to combatboredomor procrastinating that haven’t been blocked. So, let’s go over the tenbest unblocked gamesfor work and school.

Best Unblocked GamesFor Work and School

Before we get into the list of the best unblockedonline games, it’s important to note that there’s no way of guaranteeing whether a specific game will be available on yourbrowser. Each school orworkplaceuses different internet filters, and this means that a specificgame’s websitemight be blocked at one and not another. So, while this list aims to detail games that are available to everyone, there is a chance that some of them might be blocked for you.

Manyunblocked gamessites utilise, which is often overlooked by filters due to its academic applications.

Thankfully, there are a number ofunblocked gamessites that are continually updated withnew games. Most can be found with a simpleGoogle search. They contain manygenresincludingpuzzle games,multiplayer games,racing games,math games,action games,flash games, and much more. This means you should always be able to find afun gameto enjoy without needing to go through lengthydownloads.

N.B.​Manyonline gamesrequire software such asAdobe Flash Playerto run. If it is not installed on your work or school computer, you will not be able to playflash games.

These are thebest unblocked gamesfor work and school:


Slopeis an endless runner game in which you control a ball as you navigate a virtual reality-like landscape. Along the way, you must avoid red obstacles and stay on the green path. If your ball falls off, it’s game over.

Using thearrow keys, a/d, or q/e, you increase your score by successfully landing jumps and progressing onto the next platform. If you get a high score, you will be added to theSlopeleaderboard.

Tank Trouble

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Tank Troubleis a maze game that where players control their own tank and face off against another tank. It can be played single player against the computer or multiplayer against up to 3opponents. If you opt to play multiplayer, each player gets their own section of the keyboard (e.g.arrow keysand space bar, or WASDQ) to control their tank.

Matches take place in a maze and players must drive their tank around and fire ping-pong ball like projectiles with the aim of destroying the other tank.


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Pac-man3D is a not so copyright friendly rip-off of theclassicgame of the same name. As the title suggests, it is 3D instead of the traditional 2D.

In the game, players control a character and must navigate a maze while eating all of the points and avoiding ghosts – just like the original.


Minecraftis one of the most popular video games in the world, so it’s only natural that people will want to play it at work or school. Luckily, there are a number of unblockedflash gamerip-offs of the global phenomenon.

Minecraftis a sandbox game known for its instantly recognisable blockygraphics. In the game, players can build structures such as houses, craft items, extract resources, and fight off hostile mobs.

Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheelsis a ragdoll physics game where players control wheelchair bound characters as they navigate obstacle-laden levels. Using the WASD keys, you control the characters movements to fit them through tight spaces, across jumps, and around blockades while trying to avoid serious injury.

Paper io

Paper io(AKA is a lot like theclassicmobile gameSnake. However, this is amultiplayer gamethat puts players against each other.

The 2D map is filled withsnakescontrolled by other players. The aim is to kill other players by steering yoursnakeinto their tail.

Super Smash Flash

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Super Smash Flashis aflash gametake on the ever-popular Nintendo series Super Smash Bros. In the game, you get to pick a famous character e.g. thePokemonPikachu and battle him against another character such as Sonic.

Super Smash Flashcontains a number of different modes and characters to choose from. It can also be played against another player who must use the opposite side of the keyboard.


There are a number of free and unblockedTetrisgames online that you can enjoy.

Tetrisis aclassicpuzzle gamein which you drop and place blocks onto the playing field. The aim is to create lines, gather points, and avoid the inevitable outcome of an uncleared line reaching the top of the screen.


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So, everyone knows thatFortniteis one of the most popular video games in the world. It was instrumental in popularising the battle royalegenreand has millions of players jumping into its servers every day.

Thankfully, there are free and unofficialflash gamealternatives toFortnitethat you can play at work or school. Yes, they bear the name “Fortnite”, but no, they aren’t actually theFortniteyou’re used to playing. Still, some of them get about as close as you can expect from aflash game, so they’re worth checking out.


Solitaireis one of the worlds most popularcard games. It has been played by bored employees and students since the dawn of computers. It comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows and is often unblocked on most PCs. That means that it is one of the most accessible games out there for those with a Windowsdevice.

The aim ofSolitaireis to arrange cards into foundation piles by suit, starting with Ace and ending with King. To win, strategically move cards in descending order and alternate colours. Utilise empty columns and foundations wisely for a successful outcome.

If your work or school PC doesn’t haveSolitaireinstalled, it is easy to find free and unblocked versions online.

Google Doodle

Often, Google will have unique variations of its logo at the top of its search engine. These are known asGoogle Doodlesand are used to celebrate a current or historical event.

AGoogle Doodlesometimes comes with its own mini-game that you can play such as the 2022 World Cup game where players squared off in a penalty shoot out.

So, if you’re ever at a loss for what to play, check if there’s aGoogle Doodlewith an interactive game. Best of all,Google gamesare always unblocked.

Basketball Legends

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Basketball Legendsis a very popular unblockedflash game. OK, so it isn’t NBA 2K. But it’s a decent alternative for when you’re putting off that frustrating school work.

In the game, players control famous basketball players as they face off in a competition to score as many baskets as possible.Basketball Legendsincludes multiplayer and single player modes.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game of all time. The series’ got its start as anarcade gamecalledMario Bros. which was released in 1983. Luckily, there areflash gameversions out there for you to enjoy – and, best of all, they don’t have an “insert coin” prompt.

Originally released for the NintendoEntertainmentSystem, Super Mario Bros. is a side-scrolling platform game in which players control Mario (or his brother Luigi in multiplayer) as they travel across the Mushroom Kingdom while avoiding enemies and other dangers.

Among Us

Among Us is a popular social deduction games in which a group of players must figure out who the imposter is.

The game shot to fame in 2020 and has been replicated in unblocked onlineflash games.

​Highway Rider

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Highway Rider is a driving game where players ride a motorcycle down a busy road. The objective is to earn points by avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. If you’re a fan of racing and driving games, this one is for you.


The game played on Nokia 3310’s all across the globe.Snakeis a sub-genreof game in which players control asnakewhile avoiding obstacles and their own tail. The aim is to eat food littered around the playing field in order to grow in size. As yoursnakegets larger, the game becomes more difficult.

There are many different unblocked online versions out there for you to enjoy.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a platform game in which players control a rotating helix with the aim of lowering a bouncing ball down through its levels. It’s seriously addictive.


Theclassicboard game is easy to find unblocked online. Not only that, but if your school orworkplaceis still running Windows Vista or Windows 7, it can be played on those operating systems as “Chess Titans”.

Electron Dash

The 20 Best Unblocked Games For School And Work (8)

Similar toSlope, Electron Dash is an endless runner game where players control an astronaut in an effort to clear jumps and obstacles across an ever-changing landscape.

Commando 2

Commando 2 is a retroaction gamewhere players select a character, pick their weapons, and fight their way across a side-scrolling landscape frought with danger.

If you’re an action fan, Commando 2 is the onlineflash gamefor you.

What do you think is the best unblocked online game? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our othergamingarticles…

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