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By definition the world “skill” means showing expertise or doing something very well, when it comes to sports there is always a big debate on determining what are the most skilful sports to play. We take a look at the most brutal and unforgiving sports out there as well as sports that require huge amounts of speed, agility, patience and mental strength.

We have carefully researched this subject, analysed each individual sport and have broken them down into a list of the top 10 most skilful sports, without further ado let’s see which sports made the list –

10. Rugby

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In at number 10 is the gentleman’s game of rugby. A sport that many see as physically brutal and demanding on the body, it is also a sport that requires a vast amount of skill whether it being in the “ruck” or kicking a point, skill, awareness and patience make up the perfect combination to be great at the game. No forward passing over the opposition means there’s only one way to go and that’s through them. A 80 minute intense game of rugby will bring out your true character. Keeping up your energy levels, concentration and maintaining the high skill level is what separates the good from the great!

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9. Water Polo

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Doing many things at once can require vast amounts of skill and that’s exactly what the Olympic sport of water polo requires. The skill lies with the fact you are playing a physical sports in water! So having the worry not to drown whilst performing at the best of your ability in where the skill levels really show. Often overlooked are the speed and strength needed by the players as they move through the water, and more importantly the fact the players are not permitted to touch the floor, which also demands huge amounts of skill.

8. Soccer

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Soccer is a team sport that many of us enjoy whether it is just a casual kickaround with your friends or watching the professionals perform on the field. Those who love soccer will understand that it is actually a sport that requires a huge amount of skill. Controlling the ball with only your feet and taking on other teams whilst showing awareness, strength, endurance and agility combined make it a sport that requires a huge skill set. Some take it for granted that kicking a ball into the net is a given, but playing soccer is not only physically demanding but mentally frustrating when things do not go according to plan. To become professional at the game, your skills willinevitably separate you from the rest.

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7. Hurling

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Unknown to many, Hurling is a sport beloved by the Irish people. A game that requires you to hit a hard ball called a “sliotar” with a wooden stick called a “hurl” is a completely amateur sport often regarded as the fastest ball sport in the world. Hurling not only involves hard hitting but requires tremendous skill and mental awareness. The speed of the game and the skill needed to catch a ball in mid air whilst fighting off the opposing team all show what it takes to become a successful hurler. Not to mention to score a point or goal you need the ability to hit the hard sliotar between the goal posts under pressure. A sport that is for sure one of the most skilful sports in the world.

6. Gymnastics

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I think we all sit back and watch gymnastics and often think “how did they do that?”. A sport that is made up of different disciplines such as the floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bars, the beam and more. All of which require skill, strength, flexibility and endurance. Skill is something you can develop and work upon and this is evident with sports like gymnastics. Hours and hours in the gym and the forever practice of routines all aid the overall skill needed to perform a gymnastics routine at the highest level.

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5. Tennis

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Tennis is a sport that we all can admire and love to watch. A hugely physically and mentally demanding sport that requires huge hand, eye and footwork skill, meaning hits in at number 5 on our list of the most skilful sports. At any level, tennis involves short-duration bursts of all-out energy. Quick sprints, transitional movements all in a blink of an eye just show the skill levels required to play the game. A game of tennis could 4 or 5 hours long with balls being hit and speeds well in excess of 100mph. In order to maintain optimum concentration levels and perform to the highest degree, a player’s skill set will overcome the fatigue. At the end of the day this is what makes the great players great!

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4. Mixed Martial Arts

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The skill set needed to become a professional MMA fighter is immense. Physically you need to be in incredible shape to withstand three 5 minutes rounds or at championship level five 5 minutes rounds. Full body strength, excellent core conditioning and fitness levels, speed, power and reflexes all make up the skills needed to be the very best fighter. One top of everything a fighter must be skilled in different types of martial arts. This and the skill needed to choose the perfect punch or the perfect take down is what depicts the great fighter. Not to mention the ability to out grapple your opponent requires incredible strength. MMA is on the rise globally with more and more people getting involved in the sport, so if you think you have the skills to perform with the best you really should consider all the skills that are required before you start!

3. Ice Hockey

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Into the top 3 of the most skilful sports now. Ice Hockey is third on the list and it easy to see why. 60 minutes racing around the ice chasing a tiny puck with sticks can be demanding. Not to mention the fighting that goes on in between, a skill set of a Ice Hockey player is incredible. Just think how difficult it must be to balance on the ice, throw some punches, smash a puck and avoid the opponents all at the same time in some cases. Weaving around and changing direction quickly all require an excellent skill level. These players are fast and skilled and deservedly fit into the top 3 list.

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2. Boxing

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Often regarded as the most demanding sport in the world, boxing is in second place of the most skilful sports. It cannot be denied the huge efforts and skills that go into preparation before a big fight. The dedication of a professional boxer alone is something to be admired. Boxing requires strength, power, endurance and the ability to withstand huge hits over and over from the opponent. The skills to be able to dance around a ring, pick your punches and defend your body all convey why boxing is one the most skilful sports there is.

1. Golf

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In at number one on the list is of course golf. For anyone who has never whacked a small ball with a club around a field may not know exactly how frustrating and difficult the game really is. When you watch the professionals play the game you have to admire their skill level at all times. It often seems that they make the game look super easy. A golf swing is an art itself, it contains 4 major parts – the grip, posture, backswing and the follow through. All these components require a skill set that can only the best can deliver. To become the best requires days on end of practice and dedication. Next time you think on playing golf you will certainly admire the skill level required in which the pro’s makes look so simple!

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Sources: We analysed a lot of data online including article fromESPN.com,Wikipediaand others.

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