Youth Sports May 24, 2023 (2023)


Genesis Prep camp: The Hoop Heaven Boys Basketball Camp, for boys currently in grades 4-9, is scheduled for June 26-29 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day at The Courts at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls.

Cost is $85, and includes a camp T-shirt.

Information: Genesis Prep boys basketball coach Lon Morast, 503-410-4715


The Coeur d'Alene Lacrosse Classic was held May 20-21 at the Canfield Sports Complex in Coeur d'Alene.

Play in six divisions was held.

The Falcons Green of Coeur d'Alene won the 3/4 grade gold bracket, beating Headwaters White 11-7, and won the 7/8 grade silver bracket, beating the Sandpoint Cutthroats 6-2.

Here are results of the championship games in all six divisions:

7/8 GRADE, GOLD BRACKET — Northwest Lax Black (Kalispell) 14, Northwest Lax Green (Kalispell) 2

7/8 GRADE, SILVER BRACKET — Falcons Green (Coeur d'Alene) 6, Sandpoint Cutthroats 2

5/6 GRADE, GOLD BRACKET — Northwest Lax Green (Kalispell) 8, Northwest Lax Black (Kalispell) 5

5/6/ GRADE, SILVER BRACKET — Headwaters Blue (Bozeman) 9, Falcons Green (Coeur d'Alene) 4

3/4 GRADE, GOLD BRACKET — Falcons Green (Coeur d'Alene) 11, Headwaters White (Bozeman) 7

3/4 GRADE, SILVER BRACKET — SYL Valley (Spokane Valley) 11, Headwaters Blue (Bozeman) 4.




LaDance – Kennedy Tierney and Alice Hober 1 goal each.


A.C.I. – Lanaya Tetrault 2 goals, Briella Ayers, Natalie Gittel, Jayden Morgan, & Finley Scott 1 goal each.

Country Girl Gardens – Rosalie Joy 1 goal.

Accent Floors – Emily Shotropa 4 goals.


Elmer's Restaurant – Hudson Carleton 1 goal.

Dr. Joel Noland NMD - Levi Russu 3 goals and Josh Kitsak 1 goal


The Wellness Bar – Alex White2 goals, Barrington Mercado, Evan Pierce, Marek Hanners 1 goal.

Lake City Auto Care – Chase Beardslee 2 goal and Asher Parris and Parker Brown 1 goal.


Dorian Photography – Timmy Shotropa 4 goals, Ben Frantz and Julian Hom 1 goal.

Intechtel – Emanuel Vlad 1 goal.

Lakewood – Crosby Berg and Boston Anderson 1 goal.

Intechtel – Hunter Bliesner and Emanuel Vlad 2 goals, Henry McKinley and Thatcher Winsby 1 goal.

Cannon Hill Industries – Keygan Chinchillas, Lucas Gonzales and Jaxon Spalding 3 goals, Zac Chidress 1 goal.

Lakewood Animal Hospital – Madden Steenstra and Boston Anderson 2 goals, Crosby Berg and Weston Gimbel 1 goal each.

Dorian Photography – Timmy Shotropa 2 goals and Ben Frantz 1 goal.


A.C.I. – Ryder Hutchins 2 goals, and Zack Burkwist and Rhaynee Shaw 1 goal each.

Cd’A Foot & Ankle Surgery – Carter Tjensvoll 4 goals, Aiden Toomey 2 goals, Austin Hill and Emmy Parris 1 goal.

N-8 Full Electronics – Zane Johnson and Lillee Ward 1 goal each.

Alert Automotive – Nathan Shotropa 3 goals, Soa Kimstayton 2 goals, Avery Halland 1 goal.


Lifestyle Physical Therapy – Riley Christianson 4 goals and Asher Barajas 2 goals.

Accent Floors – Chloe Crowley 3 goals and Jeremiah Viafranco 1 goal.

Every Single Detail – Wyatt Hill 1 goal.

Idaho Forest Group – Caleb Vlad 4 goals, Johnny Shotropa 3 goals, and Charlie Stockton 2 goals.

Northwest Sweeping – Alex Pulsipher 1 goal.

Intechtel – Beckham Hayes 2 goals.



May 20


Brickel Creek Coffee vs. Mihara Law…you all played a great game…the confirmation of that was the end

score was 0-0 but you all were having a great time, because you played hard and held your own.

Young Construction vs. MGT Tree Care 2-1. Scoring for Young Construction was Ben Woodcock(2).

Scoring for MGT was Walker Lambrecht(1).


Sub Terra Screen Printing vs. Panhandle Pole Barns 4-1. Scoring for Sub Terra were Aiden Alderson(1),

Noah Fisher(3). Scoring for Panhandle Pole Barns was Aurora Lippard(1).



May 16

U10 Soccer

Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning vs. Mihara Law

Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning: Kanyon Stone (1)

(Video) Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletics May 24, 2023 | MLB Highlights | MLB Season 2023

Mihara Law: Milo Karrmann (1), Kaylee Landrum (1), Cora Mihara (1), Christopher Thompson (2)

Rathdrum Lions Club vs. Lakeland Immediate Care

Rathdrum Lions Club: Lila Fisher (1), Grayson McCullough (2), Bentley Waldo (1)

Lakeland Immediate Care: Hunter Mustered (1)

May 18

U14 Soccer

Panhandle Pole Barns vs. Sub Terra Screen Printing

Panhandle Pole Barns: Naomi Beauving (3), Emma McCluer (2), Aurora Lippard (1), Gwen Shearer (1)

Sub Terra Screen Printing: Carter McAninch (1), Ethan Shelton (2)

Rathdrum Estate Planning vs. Sub Terra Screen Printing

Rathdrum Estate Planning: Preston Ward (1)

Sub Terra Screen Printing: Branson Morse (1)

May 20

U4 Soccer

BRT Towing vs. TDS Fiber

BRT Towing: Channing Biggs (1), Xavier Hiebert (2), Nola Lloyd (4)

TDS Fiber: Brayden Doerflinger (1), Christopher Kemp (1)

Reliable Towing vs. Lake City Auto Care

Reliable Towing: Easton Sanders (2), Savannah Thomson (1)

Lake City Auto Care: Hank Cannon (1), Vayda Gonzales (1), Zaiden Gonzales (1), Kody Quinn (3)

Backyard Aquatics vs. Ski Shack

Backyard Aquatics: Liza Ash (4), Adriana Murphy (1)

Ski Shack: Felicity Henningsgaard (4), Sofia Tempesta (1)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation vs. CDA Paving Concrete

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation: Barrett South (1)

CDA Paving Concrete: Lexi Freije (2), Keegan Koehler (3), Penelope Porter (2)

Handy Andy Home Services vs. Heavenly Brews

Handy Andy Home Services: Steele Seaman (1)

Heavenly Brews: Lucas Elizondo (2), Roman Packer (1)

Auction Depot vs. M.D. Photography

Auction Depot: Harrison Paulsen (3), Scarlett Sitar (7), Harper Smith (2)

M.D. Photography: Corbin Kolar (2), Asher Litzko (1)

U6 Soccer

Bayshore Systems vs. KJ Watersports

Bayshore Systems: (0)

KJ Watersports: Daisy Ash (2), Peyton Gorham (1), Liam Griffin (1), Jentzen Jelmberg (1)

Lake City Auto Care vs. Safe Splash SwimLabs

Lake City Auto Care: Wyatt Drake (3), Sawyer Cooper (3)

Safe Splash SwimLabs: Arcturus Byrum (3)

Ben Chadwell Finish Carpentry vs. Northwest Family Network

Ben Chadwell Finish Carpentry: Joseph Wirick (1), Chet Small (1)

Northwest Family Network: Eli Oswell (2), Olivia Record (1), Jayden Svoboda (1), Gideon Lee (1)

BRT Towing vs. Jenna Wynand Real Estate

BRT Towing: Emersyn Barton (3)

Jenna Wynand Real Estate: Kolt Warren (2), Henry Zwonitzer (1)

Ski Shack vs. Minute Press

Ski Shack: Ridge South (1)

Minute Press: Avery Delgado-Lopez (1), Gabriel Savage (2), Bria Scott (3)

Mihara Law vs. Merlin’s Comedy Club

Mihara Law: Esther Mihara (1), Weston Whitelaw (1)

Merlin’s Comedy Club: Brantley Saeger (3)

Honey & Sage Beauty vs. Rathdrum Parks & Recreation

Honey & Sage Beauty: Waylon Chappell (1)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation: Adalynn Briles (1), Abel Sapp (2)

U8 Soccer

NNAC vs. Heritage Health

NNAC: (0)

Heritage Health: Jayden Lavell (1)

Rathdrum Lions Club vs. Lake City Auto Care

Rathdrum Lions Club: Kinsley Davidson (1), Bowyn Gillis (3), Allie Seddon (1)

Lake City Auto Care: Karsen Winn (1)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation vs. Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu Hayden

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation: Sawyer Crateau (1), Ainsley Etheridge (1), Jack Newton (2)

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu Hayden: Davin Callan (2), Wyatt Williamson (1)

Gold Seal Plumbing vs. Merlin’s Comedy Club

Gold Seal Plumbing: (0)

(Video) The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday May 24th, 2023

Merlin’s Comedy Club: Weston Kramer (2), Oliver Lundy (1), Brooklyn Peed (1), Trace Samuels (1), Guster Stevens (1)

AJF Trailers vs. PNW Drywall

AJF Trailers: Rhett Palmer (1), Boston Waldo (2)

PNW Drywall: Elizabeth Record (1)

U10 Soccer

Slices of Sweet & Sassy vs. Lakeland Immediate Care

Slices of Sweet & Sassy: Stori Swick (1)

Lakeland Immediate Care: Hunter Mustered (2)

Mihara Law vs. Rathdrum Lions Club

Mihara Law: Ella Weaver (1)

Rathdrum Lions Club: Lincoln Swanson (1), Bentley Waldo (3)

Ares Tech Consultants LLC vs. NNAC

Ares Tech Consultants LLC: (0)

NNAC: Conley Davison (1), Eevi pack (2), Parker Singer (4), Henry Vallieres (1)

Lakeland Eye Clinic vs. Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning

Lakeland Eye Clinic: Hollyn Kramer (1), Owen Hunt (1), Ava Groover (2), Olivia West (2), Max Vogan (1), Tessa Roetcisoender (2)

Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning: (0)

U14 Soccer

Rathdrum Estate Planning vs. Sub Terra Screen Printing

Rathdrum Estate Planning: Landon Cederblom (1)

Sub Terra Screen Printing: Addison Karoblis (1)



May 20

Mini-Kickers (3-4 Yrs. Old)

Belle's Brunch House: Nixon Miller 1-goal; Wesley Wiedemann 1-goal

CDA Contracting & Construction LLC: Sawyer Hodgson 2-goals

Chomper Cafe: Ruby Williams 1-goal

Crandall Law Group: Everly Silakoski 2-goals; Isaac Weber 1-goal

Daum Construction: Bear Gustafson 3-goals

Dominos Pizza: Dawson Leary 5-goals; Taylor Webster 1-goal

Edward Jones, Ed O'Hara: Jack Luft 1-goal

Eric Wise Construction: Waylon Riekkola 1-goal; Dalton Rowland 1-goal

In Touch Physical Therapy: George McDonough 1-goal

Kinder-Prep Learning Center: No Stats Available

Lakeside Pediatrics: Lennox Van Hill 3-goals; Harvey VanVleck 2-goals

Landmark Storage: Ethan Aiman 1-goal; Elsie McPhilomy 1-goal; Maclean Price 2-goals; Margot Saccone 3-goals; Wrenley Sanders 1-goal

Matt's Place Foundation: Mckinley Baughman 1-goal; Waylon Webb 1-goal

McDonald's: Levi Williams 1-goal

Mountain Melds: Griffin Thomas 1-goal

Selby Custom Homes: Owen Murray 1-goal; Amora Posada 1-goal; Roman Shaw 1-goal

Selkirk Sport: Caedmon Berry 1-goal

Slick Rock Tanning & Spa: Ansley Baker 1-goal; Elijah Mendoza 3-goals; Ella Pluid 2-goals; Henley Pospisil 3-goals

Syringa Family Partnership: Willow Howard 1-goal

The Car Lot: Carter Church 1-goal; Koen Krogseth 1-goal; Fin Montgomery 2-goals; Owen Palmer 3-goals; Charlee Turner 1-goal

Van Zandt Financial: Jack Doherty 1-goal

White Pine Wealth: Huxley Cowan 2-goals

Micro-Kickers (5-6 Yrs. Old)

Avista: Carter Botenhagen 1-goal; Benjamn Harding 1-goal; Oakley McPhee 2-goals; Remi McPhee 1-goal

Back 40 Realty: Grayson Martino 3-goals; Joey Turnbull 1-goal; Tatum Turnbull 1-goal

C Squared Property Pros: No Stats Available

Cascadia Healthcare: Eli Hocking 4-goals; Cooper Lewis 1-goal

Coeur d'Alene Elks Lodge #1254: William Mason 2-goals; Alexander Menzies 1-goal

CDA Shriners: Easton Hall 1-goal; Brinlee Strube 1-goal; Brexton Yates 1-goal

Designer Homes: Owen Briggs 1-goal; Joseph Deuling 2-goals; Jayden Long 1-goal; Aston Wilson 1-goal

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Grace Looney 1-goal; Kaesyn Ramirez 1-goal

Edward Jones, Ed O'Hara: Hermione Luft 1-goal; Fallyn O'Hara 1-goal

ETCO Services: Kier MacKeage 1-goal

Financial Strategies: Luca Clark 2-goals; Maverick Jett 2-goals; Cameron Nelson 5-goals; Marlowe Rathbone 1-goal

Fred's Plumbing: Emmett Cowan 1-goal; Noah Motu 1-goal

Hubof's Landscaping: Nicksen Hubof 1-goal; Brody Raber 1-goal

Jay A. Higbee & Sons Logging: Heather Higbee 1-goal

Lake City Auto Care: Caroline Cromer 1-goal; Wila McCrea 1-goal; Gregory Prickett 6-goals; Kaz Zepeda 1-goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: Emmarose Daley 1-goal; Jackson Populus 1-goal; Kaiden Tucker 1-goal

Magnuson, McHugh, Dougherty CPAs: Tanner Eisele 1-goal; Aspen Kosoff 1-goal

MW Surveying: Dalton Backs 2-goals; Captain Icardo 1-goal; William Stavish 2-goals; Emory Wilson 3-goals

(Video) Coach Gives LAST DOLLAR To HELP KIDS, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

North Idaho Eye Institute: Eldon Atwood 2-goals; Vaughn Barnes 2-goals

Progressive Nature's Excavation: Ryder Kinsey 4-goals

Safe Splash Swim Labs: Ryker Bartoo 1-goal; Calvin Clark 2-goals; Aria O'Neill 1-goal

Selkirk Sport: Ava Barnes 1-goal; Athanasius Berry 2-goals

Tactical Detail: Mya Owen 1-goal; Logan Whipp 1-goal

Van Zandt Financial: Madelynn Dowiak 3-goals; Gavin Orona 1-goal

8U Coed

Advanced Input Systems: Hayden Bemis 1-goal; Jeremy Bott 1-goal; Boss Gustafson 2-goals; Allison Higbee 1-goal; Mason Higbee 1-goal

Apollo Direct Primary Care: Everett Morgan 1-goal

Drybar: Aaron C;yde 1-goal; Abel Hall 2-goals; Preston Jensen 2-goals

Fred's Plumbing: Viper Barnes 1-goal; Jayce Beck 1-goal; Jett Jameson 1-goal; Ondine Sichelstiel 1-goal; Ryan Snook 1-goal

Inland Fastener Inc.: Billy Kearns 3-goals; Toviyah Lyden 1-goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: Greyson Guy 1-goal

Lancaster Market: Brayden Aarstad 1-goal; Jaxon Burkholder 3-goals; Nolan Busch 1-goal; Peyton Nelson 1-goal

MG Custom Builders: No Stats Available

Viking Construction: Aiden Barton 1-goal; Kaelyn Ingalls 1-goal; Axel Mcphilomy 1-goal

Walker's Furniture: No Stats Available

10U Coed

Andy's Heating & Cooling: No Stats Available

Coeur d'Alene Pediatrics: Alexa Jensen 1-goal; Charlie Bean 2-goals; John Luke Bean 2-goals; Brody Beck 1-goal; Jacob Brown 1-goal; Noelle Raber 1-goal; Kennedy Veselik 1-goal; Cohan Hochstetler 1-goal; Eli Hochstetler 1-goal

Hayden Vision Source: No Stats Available

Lake City Auto Care: No Stats Available

North Idaho Eye Institute: Caleb Larson 2-goals; Sean MacKeage 1-goal

Rooted Chiropractice Club: No Stats Available

Saturday Night Inc.: Dominic Simien 1-goal; Asher Marvin 3-goals

Super 1 Foods: No Stats Available

The Wellness Bar: No Stats Available

Titan Springs: McCoy Icardo 1-goal; Brayden Patterson 1-goal; Jayden Reilly 3-goals

12U Coed

CDA Paving & Concrete: Nathan Cobb 1-goal; Ethan MacPherson 3-goals

Idaho Forest Group: Oliver Salie 2-goals

Meine Insurance: Benjamin Magoffin 3-goals; Jacob Poncato 3-goals

McDonald's: James Eberhart 1-goal; Annie Grant 1-goal

NextGen Electric: Julianna Bonacci 2-goals; Rusty Moorman 1-goal

Titan Spring: Sebastian Guitron 5-goals; Monica Mendoza 1-goal; Ethan Schlegel 1-goal; Banyan Sisson 2-goals; Danika Thompson 1-goal

15U Coed

Ace Drywall: Ky;ah Blaick 1-goal; Clint Harwood 2-goals; Gavin Karlinsey 2-goals

Austin's Ladder: Noah MacPherson 2-goals; T.R. Mummery 2-goals; Marcus McFadden 1-goal

ETCO Services Game 1: Dante Dibiase 4-goals; Haggen Walker 1-goal

ETCO Services Game 2: Dante Dibiase 1-goal



Week 6

May 20

U14 Division

4 Paige Pierce Realtor: Amos Hunter (2), Tanner Leiser (1), Mya Stephens (1) 6 Heritage Health: Moses Froelich (1), Brady MacKenzie (5)

8 Air One Equipment Rentals: Patrick Leahy (4), Rylan Metzger (4)

0 St. Maries Family Medicine:

0 Tekton Construction:

8 Peach Orthodontics: Jason Kuplack (1), Marcus Kuplack (2), Cambria Miller (1), Michael Wilhelm (4)

U11 Division

4 Air One Equipment Rentals: Lance Breyer (1), Eddy Redding (3)

0 James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A. -

3 Bugle Construction: Preston Bright (3)

4 Riverstone Orthodontics: Eli Martin (1). Josiah Rice (1), Hudson Ryan (2)

2 Post Falls Taco Bell: Philomena Enfield (1), Traigen Hance (1)

3 Stateline Speedway: Brent Johnson (1), Asher Taylor (2)

1 Specialty Forest Products: Liam White (1)

5 Intechtel: Aubrey Heath (1), Isabelle Heath (1), Jathaniel Whitmire (2), Zander Whitmire (1)

U8 Division

0 Stateline Speedway:

0 Capones:

5 Thorco Inc.: Annabella Bazan (3), Deegan Giovanardi (2)

0 CDA Pediatrics:

2 Cannon Hill Industries: Joseph Johnson (2)

4 Pacific Golf & Turf: Rylie Adams (1), Scotty Allen (1), Lincoln Whitmire (2)

(Video) PBS NewsHour live episode, May 24, 2023

4 Woodland Family Dental: Braiden Beck (1), Cole Birdsell (3)

2 Fox Trailers: Hudson Helbling (1), Liam Lindley (1)

Mini 6 Yr. Olds

0 CDA Pediatrics:

4 Paul Bunyan: Logan Martin (2), Elizabeth Redding (2)

4 Intechtel: Bohdi Christopherson (1), Daemon Gist (1), Jaxon Gist (1), Emma Jensen (1) 3 Dairy Queen Post Falls: Saber Cooper (2), James Onosko (1)

6 Bloom Coaching: Carter Peterson (3), Noah Williams (2), Keegan Winkel (1) 2 Gaine McDowell LLC: Tahlia Broncheau (1), Ethan Tufte (1)

0 7 Day Dental Smiles:

10 Fairway Floors: Rex-Odin Cornell (1), Ethan Hall (4), Evelyn Oyler (1), Peyton Schock (4)

Micro 5 Yr. Olds

0 Dairy Queen Post Falls:

10 Fairway Floors: Liam Appel (1), Titus Kjar (1), Brody Wensman (7)

4 Coeur d’Alene Pediatrics: Alexandra Bazan (2), Bodee McCuaig (1), Easton Snook (1) 3 7 Day Dental Smiles: Georgia Davis (2), Logan Guirola (1)

3 Gaine McDowell: Averie Orth (2), Lorenzo Sandoval (1)

3 Schafer’s Towing LLC: Jackson Boss (1), Patrick Turner (1), Naomi Tyree (1)

Flag football

May 13

1st & 2nd Grade Division

Lake City Accounts: Jace Gilbreath 1 tackle, Wyatt Gilbreath 4 tackles, Bridyn Hardrick 4 tackles, Carsten Kendrick 2 tackles, Leo Symons 2 tackles, Kasen Thomas 4 touchdowns, 1-1pt. PAT & 1 tackle, Derek Valencia 1 touchdown & 2 tackles.

Cannon Hill Industries: James Dolph 2 tackles, Guage Francis 3 touchdowns, 2-1pt. PAT, Bowen Quaale 1 touchdown & 3 receptions, Peyton Pecor 1-2pt. PAT & 2 tackles & Cody Sutcliffe 1 tackle.

H & R Block: Samuel Archer 3 tackles, Griffen Field 1 touchdown, 1 reception & 2 tackles, Cruz Guzman 2 tackles, William Krull 1 tackles, Emmett Mosher 1 reception & 1 tackle, Owen Swanson 2 tackles.

Solid Electrical Solutions: Cian Andrus 1 touchdown & 1 tackle, Zaidin Bullock 1 tackle, Titus Lukey 1 touchdown & 4 tackles, Aidan Miracle 1-1pt. PAT & 1 tackle, Locryn Oxford 1-1pt. PAT, Ryder Radford 1 touchdown & 2 tackles, Beau Zinn 1 touchdown, 2-1pt. PAT & 2 tackles.

3rd & 4th Grade Division

Interstate Concrete & Asphalt: Daewon Cooke 1 touchdown & 2 tackles, Cooper Reese 1 tackle, Stan Hunter 2 receptions & 6 tackles, James Whitney 2 tackles.

Plato’s Closet: Layne Brewer 4 tackles, Wyatt Cuneo 1 touchdown, 1 interception & 2 tackles, Ethan Hart 1 touchdown & 1 reception, Mailee Larocco 1 touchdown, 1-1pt. PAT, 1-2pt. PAT, 3 receptions, 2 interceptions & 3 tackles, Shane Schroeder 1 reception & 2 tackles, Logan Simpson 2 receptions & 2 tackles, Cason Terracciano 1 reception.

Post Falls Brewing: Tyzaiah Blodgett 1 touchdown, 1-2pt. PAT, 2 receptions & 3 tackles, Cameron Gill 2 touchdowns, 2 receptions & 1 tackle, Tysen Millsap 1-1pt. PAT, 1 reception, 1 interception & 1 tackle, Tysen Millsap 1-1pt. PAT, 1 reception, 1 interception & 1 tackle, Kinzley Mohr 2 tackles, Grayson Rose 1 reception, Kellan St. Marie 1 tackle, Logan Strasser 1 touchdown & 1 interception, Luke Thompson 2 receptions & 6 tackles, Brexton Moss 3 touchdowns, 6 receptions & 1 tackle.

Fairway Floors: Lincoln Baier 9 tackles & 1 sack, Milo Canger 2 touchdowns & 5 receptions, Wyatt Canger 1 touchdown & 3 receptions, Cortez Escamilla 1 touchdown & 6 receptions, Hudson Gibbs 2 receptions, Hayden Graisy 2 tackles, Holden Green 2-2pt. PAT’s & 5 receptions, Tanner Ivey 1 reception, Ryder Mercier 1 interception & 3 tackles, Chase Roberts 1 tackle, Liam Sturgis 3 tackles.

U-Haul: Payton Arreola 1 tackle, Mason Denison 2 tackles, Dominic Estrada 1 tackle, Declan Gernns 3 receptions & 4 tackles, Austin Groom 1 reception, Jesse Martin 1 tackle, Gage Vinyard 7 tackles, Kieran Friedt 1 tackle.

Woodland Family Dental: Kaven Conner 4 tackles, Kaiden Davis 1 tackle, Brantlee Kane 2 tackles, Rowen Moore 3-1pt. PAT & 1 tackle, Tyson Phillips 1 tackle, Bryce Van Leuven 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions & 4 tackles, Rowdy Ramsey 1 tackle.

5th & 6th Grade Division

Young Construction Group: Reagan Burrows 1 reception, Payden Gurney 3 receptions, Brayden Hixson 1 reception, 1 interception & 1 tackle, Carter McNearney 1 reception 4 tackles, Scout Peterson 2 tackles, Michael Richison 1 reception & 3 tackles, David Schmitz 2 receptions, Frankie Schooley 1 reception, Greysen Schrader 1 reception, Cody Shartzer 1 reception.

Little Spuds Christian Daycare: Kessler Bentcik 1 touchdown & 1 tackle, Noah Conner 1 recption, Crosby Gertz 1 interception & 2 tackles, Baylor Gibbs 1 touchdown, 3 receptions & 2 tackles, Bobby Hunter 1 interception, Lucas Hunter 2 tackles, Derrick Koczor-Treat 2 receptions & 2 tackles, Matthew Mattes 1 safety & 1 tackle, Sylas Saris 1-2pt. PAT, 1 reception & 4 tackles, Blake Stokes 1 touchdown, 1 -2pt. PAT, 1 reception & 2 tackles, Tony Thiel 1 reception 1 tackle.

AllKlean Inc: Brennan Burton 1 reception, 1 interception & 1 tackle, Jackson Chisholm 1 tackle & 1 sack, Torin Conner 3 tackles, Mason Deschamps 1 interception & 2 tackles, Gabe Gist 1 tackle, Lukus Hodges 1 touchdown, Gabriel Miller 2 touchdown, 1-2pt. PAT, 2 receptions & 1 interception, Landen Millsap 1 touchdown & 1 reception, Mason Tucker 4 tackles.

Peach Orthodontics: Ashdyn Birsette 1 sack, Reagan Burrows 1 touchdown, 4 receptions & 1 tackle, Payden Gurney 1 reception & 1 tackle, Brayden Hixson 1 tackle & 1 sack, Carter McNearney 1 touchdown, Scout Peterson 1 touchdown & 1 tackle, Michael Richison 1 touchdown, 1 reception & 1 tackle, Greysen Schrader 1 – 2pt. PAT & 1 reception, Camdyn Thompson 1 tackle.

Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. Email stories and photos (in .jpg format) to

Information: 208-664-8176, Ext. 2019

Courtesy photoAvant Coeur Gymnastics Level 10 Dan Fryling competed against Level 10s from all over the country in Oklahoma City at the men’s national championships. Dan tied for 7th on Floor with a 12.650 and had a high of 11.600 on Vault.

Courtesy photoThe Timbers Boys 2013 Green soccer team took second place at the recent Bill Eisenwinter Hot Shot Tournament at Plantes Ferry Sports Complex in Spokane Valley. From left are Maddex Arana, Jasper Meyer, Keaton Knoll, Brody Brennan, Patrick Langer, Vance Corbeill, Jonah Wuest, Knolyn Kuhn, Carter Mitchell and Oliver Clark; and rear, coach John O’Neil.

Courtesy photoThe 2013 Thorns girls soccer team finished second in its division at the recent Bill Eisenwinter Hot Shot Tournament. In the front row from left are Addi Salas, Sophia Quigley, Felicity Miller, Amalia Cramer, Kinsley Young, Evellyn Howard, Summer Jansen and Kyla Hutchison; and back row from left, coach Tomas Barrera, Nora Schock, Emma Storlie, Nevie Sousley, Isla King, Pressley Hart, Peyton Cantrell, Kinsey Keifer, Nora Synder and Kyal Carlson.

Courtesy photoLakeland High's junior varsity softball team recently completed a 21-0 season. In the front is Teagan Patrick; bottom row from left, Ella Yde, Macie Chapple, Gracie Gurney, Alyssa Byrnes, Jacqueline Gallus and Alyssa Ryckman; and top row from left, Kaitlyn Kelley, Maddie Addleman, MacKenzie Briggs, head coach Mackenzie Longley, assistant coach Jaycee Jerome, Colt Williams, Marisa Evans, Sam Laird and Kyla Holte. Not pictured is Francesca Ragazzo.

Courtesy photoThe grade 7/8 Falcons Green team won the silver bracket championship at the Coeur d'Alene Lacrosse Championship last weekend at Canfield Sports Complex in Coeur d'Alene. From left are Tate Knudsen, Seth Gerrick, Mason Hector, Kelley Poole, Cooper Sandford, Liam Alderman, Oliver Strait, Jack Hector, Rhett Snyder, Brody Wickham, Sam Smith, Gavin Lucas, Griffin McMeekan, Caden Ramey, Breckin Jolley and Fisher DePriest. Not pictured are Dave McMeekan (head coach) and Nate Alderman (assistant coach).

Courtesy photoThe grade 3/4 Falcons Green team won the gold bracket championship at the Coeur d'Alene Lacrosse Classic last weekend at Canfield Sports Complex in Coeur d'Alene. In the front from left are Cayden Morris and Boston Parsons, middle row from left, Bridger Shepherd, Corbin Morlock, Blake Parkinson, Keegan Rosenberger, Luke Nicholson, EJ Dahlin, McCoy Jolley, Levi Tebbe, Gabe Stearns and Kallen Hills; and back row from left, KamDahlin (head coach) and Aaron Parsons (assistant coach).

Courtesy photoThe final weekend of Idaho State League was this past weekend at the Simplot Sports Complex in Boise. The Timbers North 09 boys won its semifinal game 1-0 on Saturday vs. Idaho Rush 09 Elite 64. Isaac Lowder scored a header goal off of a corner kick sent in by Mason Taylor early in the first half. Taylor Smith kept the shutout in goal as the Timbers advanced to the final game on Sunday vs. Inferno Copa. Copa managed to score in the first 10-minute period of double overtime, and went on to win. The Timbers placed second in the U14 boys division. By becoming finalists at Idaho State Cup, the Timbers North boys will advance to the US Youth Soccer Far West Presidents Cup June 16-20 in Boise. In the front row from left are Rowan Wyatt, Kason Foreman, Blake Wise, Jacob Melun, Ayden Cragun, Mason Taylor and Luke Fritts; and back row from left, coach Matt Fritts, Payson Shaw, Sam Mandel, Ethan Luna, Brooks Judd, Kesh Pohlman, Taylor Smith, Stefan Pawlik, Grant Johnson, Creighton Lehosit, Isaac Lowder, Miles Hart and coach Jason Wyatt.

Photo courtesy BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHYThe Timbers North FC 11 Boys Academy soccer played four games in the Director's Cup tournament over the weekend in Boise. The Timbers tied Inferno Copa, beat Idaho Legends, then dropped the final two games against Idaho Juniors and Rapids SC. Timbers goals were scored by Charlie McVey, Eli Vatsvog, Ryder Quinn and Max Lopez, assisted by Asher Smith, Ryder Quinn and Lucas Buscema. Damon Mysse was the goalkeeper throughout the tournament. From left are Owen Newby, Max Lopez, Kellan Alexander, Lucas Buscema, Landon Smith, Oliver Peters, Damon Mysse, Ryder Quinn, Asher Smith, Charlie McVey, Eli Vatsvog, Kannon Foreman and and Ryder Benca.

Photo courtesy BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHYThe Thorns North FC 14 Girls yellow and green soccer teams played each other on Monday evening for the final non-tournament game of the season. Goals were scored by Stella Hartzell and Brielle Buscema. The teams will travel to Kalispell, Mont., next to compete in the 3 Blind Refs Tournament to close out the season. In the front row from left are Avery Doran, Liv Mickelson, Harper Anderson, Stella Hartzell, Elsie Hewitt-Nord and Ellie Carper; middle row from left, Quinn Baily, Lyla Maestas, Poppy Moreau, Sofia Moreno, Finley Rauscher, Allison Legg, Audrey Rietze, Lydia Frank, Hatty Lemmon, Emma Thompson, Blaire Warren, Finley Martin and Brielle Buscema; and back row from left, coaches Katie Martin, Kara Lemmon and Jean Carper.

Courtesy photoThe Northwest Select AAU boys basketball team, comprised of players from Coeur d'Alene and the Silver Valley, won the seventh grade division of the On Summer's Edge tournament at The Warehouse in Spokane on Sunday. From left are Cache Gaby, Boston Hess, Gavin Tosi, Cole Floyd, Brayden Smith, Michael Jess and Cooper Miller.

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Does winning matter in youth sports? ›

Winning does build confidence especially when that winning represents a true accomplishment; (i.e., I've beaten a worthy opponent). However, winning against other teams or individuals of much lower skill levels normally does little to bolster self-confidence. Winning gains one access to rewards and special privileges.

Has there been a decline in youth sports? ›

Attrition in youth sports has been a problem for more than a decade. Children start sports to have fun, and they stay in sports if they are having fun. Parents may incorrectly perceive that the child primarily values winning. Adolescents drop out of sports due to injury, which can be from trauma or overuse.

What's the #1 reason kids drop out of sport by age 13? ›

Reason #1 - Sports Are No Longer Fun

Studies from the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) have found that of the 40 million youths who participate in organized sports each year, 70% will drop out before the age of 13! When asked why the number one reason given is that they just don't find it fun anymore.

At what age should kids start sports? ›

Around age 6 or 7, most kids develop the physical skills and attention span that sports need. They'll still need time to understand the rules of the game. When signing your young child up for sports, choose a league that emphasizes: learning in a fun, positive way.

How much is too much youth sports? ›

As a general rule, children shouldn't train for more than 18-20 hours a week. If a child is engaged in elite competition there may be pressures to train for longer - especially in the lead-up to a major event.

What is the fastest growing youth sport? ›

What Makes Them the Fastest Growing Sports?
  • Lacrosse. One of the fastest-growing sports among youths is lacrosse, according to US Lacrosse. ...
  • Pickleball. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, pickleball is the fasting growing sport in the USA. ...
  • Triathlon. ...
  • eSports. ...
  • Adventure Racing. ...
  • Soccer. ...
  • MMA.
Jan 6, 2023

What are six major issues facing youth sport? ›

5 Huge Problems with Youth Sports in the US
  • #5: Kids Are Quitting Too Soon. Research shows that 50% of kids quit youth sports by age 11 and that 70% quit by age 13. ...
  • #4: Early Specialization Pressure. ...
  • #3: It's Too Expensive. ...
  • #2: Too Much Stress, Not Enough Fun. ...
  • #1: The Wrong Goals. ...
  • How do we fix these problems?
Jan 22, 2020

What is the most played youth sport in America? ›

What are the most popular sports with kids?
  • Basketball.
  • Baseball.
  • Soccer.
  • Tennis.
  • Football, if you combine tackle and flag.
  • (Bike riding is still kids' favorite activity.)
Dec 19, 2022

Why do so many kids quit sports? ›

The main reasons kids quit sports are: It's not fun anymore. Pressure to perform...and injuries that can result from overtraining due to that pressure to perform. Their own perceptions of their own lack of competence at the sport.

At what age do most kids quit sports? ›

A national survey from the Aspen Institute with the Utah State University Families in Sports Lab found that the average kid quits playing sports by age 11.

What age do most girls quit sports? ›

7/10 girls avoid trying new things during puberty because they are too afraid to fail. 64% of girls will have quit sports by the age of finishing puberty (16-17).

At what age do kids lose interest in sports? ›

In fact, the National Alliance for Sports estimated that 70% of U.S. children will drop out of organized sports by the time they turn 13.

What to do when your child is not athletic? ›

Kids might also enjoy individual sports or other organized activities that can boost fitness, such as:
  1. swimming.
  2. horseback riding.
  3. dance classes.
  4. inline skating.
  5. cycling.
  6. cheerleading.
  7. skateboarding.
  8. hiking.

Why is my child not competitive? ›

If your kids appear to lack competitiveness, try to understand if they are struggling with these classic “mental game” challenges: Fear of failure that causes excess tension. Most kids want to perform well and may be too focused on not making mistakes.

How much money do parents spend on youth sports? ›

The Aspen Institute estimated U.S. families spend $30 to $40 billion annually on their children's sports activities. This is based on Aspen's analysis of parent survey and national sport participation data. That's more than the annual revenues of any professional league.

How many sports should a kid play at once? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics issues a report that says children are getting injured as well as burned out from specializing in a single sport.

What percentage of kids don't play sports? ›

There are so many benefits of playing sports in childhood, including boosts in physical health and social and emotional skills. However, about 70 percent of kids stop playing sports by age 13, says a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

What is the #1 sport in America? ›

Football - America's Favorite Sport to Watch and Follow

According to, 37% of U.S. adults picked football as their favorite sport to watch. Football has been the favorite since 1972.

What sport helps kids grow? ›

Swimming – swimming may be the king of sports for making kids taller. Again, it elongates the spine, stretches the neck and core muscles, and it promotes growth hormones in the body. Most exercise and sports will promote growth hormones.

What is the #1 sport in the world? ›


Soccer, also known as association football, is by far the most popular sport in the world, despite the fact that it may not be obvious in the United States.

What is the most expensive sport for kids to play? ›

Five most expensive kids sports:
  • Ice hockey: $2,583.
  • Skiing/snowboarding: $2,249.
  • Field hockey: $2,125.
  • Gymnastics: $1,580.
  • Lacrosse: $1,289.
Jan 28, 2023

What are 4 good things that youth get out of participating in sport? ›

▪ Participating in sports is associated with:
  • ▪ Lower rates of anxiety and depression2–5.
  • ▪ Lower amounts of stress5,6.
  • ▪ Higher self-esteem and confidence3,7–9.
  • ▪ Reduced risk of suicide5,10,11.
Sep 17, 2020

Are sports losing popularity? ›

Sports leagues, especially Major League Baseball, are seeing declines in younger viewership. The change comes as people turn away from traditional TV viewing and toward social media, video games and streaming TV, a trend that has only grown during the Covid-19 pandemic, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Is winning important for kids? ›

The experience of winning helps children get motivated and gives them the confidence to take the next complicated steps in order to achieve even bigger goals. Competition is also helpful in inspiring a child to do more and perform better.

Is winning the most important part of sport? ›

Nothing is left after the game finishes. But emotionally, however, its importance is massive, and its legacy is great. Winning is an important part of the sports experience, just not all of it.

Is it more important to win or to have fun? ›

“It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.” That's one thing we tell kids when their team gets crushed. We try to lift their spirits by telling them that winning the game isn't important. It's more important that they have fun and learn new skills.

Why is winning so important to many youth sport coaches? ›

Winning becomes second behind the team working together and improving skills. According to the developmental model of sport participation, what are the stages of sports development (in order) that youth sport athletes should pass through?


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